IT Modernization

CBP Attempts to Mitigate Privacy Risks Created by New Customs App

CBP One will become the primary public-facing portal for a number of customs programs and services. But any new data collection effort brings privacy risks.

Cloud Security

Federal agencies are rethinking how they secure information as they move more mission-critical operations to the cloud.

Veterans Affairs Department Expands 5G Footprint to Miami

The agency’s latest next-generation wireless network was recently deployed by T-Mobile.

Customs and Border Protection Behind on Deploying Border Surveillance Tech, DHS OIG Finds

But President Joe Biden’s new immigration bill calls for more “smart technology” at the border.

DISA Tech Programs Paved the Way for DOD Mass Telework

Two Defense Department officials pointed to culture as a key challenge counteracting innovation.

VA Wants Help Creating a ‘Strategic Planning Ecosystem’ to Guide IT Modernization Efforts

A contractor will support the development of several strategic plans for the Office of Information Technology.

Cultural Resistance Top Challenge Slowing IT Modernization, Survey Finds

Air Force Chief Information Officer Lauren Knausenberger said she’s changing minds by demonstrating utility to the warfighter.

GSA Drops 5 Vendors, Adds 9 to $5.5B 2GIT Contract

The IT hardware and software contract vehicle was built with the Air Force in mind but will be available to all federal buyers.

Microsoft President Calls for Bid Protest Reforms

As the company awaits a decision on the embattled JEDI contract, its president told senators the contract-dispute process could use streamlining.

How the Defense Department's MilCloud 2.0 Effort is Evolving

The number of workloads in milCloud 2.0 doubled despite some defense agencies missing migration deadlines.

Why Too Many Government Modernization Efforts Fail

Technology “solutions” almost never address the organizational issues critical to success.

Lawmakers Call for Federal Program to Upgrade Unemployment Systems

Many people filing for unemployment during the pandemic have experienced long delays. Subpar technology is one of the factors commonly blamed for problems.

Marine Corps Looks for Insider Threat Monitoring Capability

And another Marine Corps application addressing a specific kind of insider threat—suicidal ideation—will be established as a system of records.

Former 18F Official Returns to Lead Next Phase of Technology Transformation Services

The tech team is about delivering services to the public, not just disruption, General Services Administration alumni Dave Zvenyach told Nextgov. 

The Need for Internet Interstate Infrastructure

The U.S. needs a digital infrastructure plan today in much the same way that it required a physical infrastructure plan in the 1950s.