IT Modernization

Bipartisan Senate Bill Aims to Safeguard Open Source Software

The Securing Open Source Software Act would task the Office of Management and Budget with issuing guidance around the secure usage of open source software and give new oversight responsibilities to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

VA Official Has 'Deep Concerns' About Agency's EHR Deployment

But leadership at the agency pushed back against projected cost overruns and delays moving forward.

Acquisition Failures at VA Lead to Congressional Calls for Enhanced Oversight

Republican leaders on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee want the VA to halt major purchases until a new binding acquisition management framework is implemented.

DHS to Begin Electric Vehicle Adoption for Law Enforcement

The Mustang Mach-E model is currently undergoing cybersecurity risk tests.

IRS Has the Funding to Hire Tens of Thousands. Can It Actually Do So?

IRS hiring has been thrust into the spotlight, but augmenting the agency's workforce is still far from guaranteed.

Federal IT Modernization Fund’s Financial Needs Draw Lawmaker Scrutiny

Federal CIO Clare Martorana said that the government should be operating on the “most modern technology available.”

CHIPS Act is a 'Once in a Generation Investment' to Build Partnerships, Officials Say

Secretaries Blinken and Raimondo detailed the bilateral agreements underway to support U.S. semiconductor leadership.

DHS Launches 'Largest Customer Experience Hiring Initiative’ with Hundreds of Technologist Positions

The agency’s recruitment initiative comes in response to President Joe Biden’s 2021 executive order seeking to streamline the “government-to-customer delivery process.”

DOD Needs to Modernize its Software Architecture for Next-Gen Warfare, Report Says

A paper published by the Center for Strategic and International Studies calls for the U.S. military to modernize legacy warfighting systems in order to prepare for future conflicts.

DHS Report Offers Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Measures for Critical Infrastructure

The report uses approaches for safeguarding the National Public Warning System as a blueprint for defending other vital systems and services from electromagnetic pulses.

Election Officials Have Been Largely Successful in Deterring Cyber Threats, CISA Official Says

The head of CISA’s National Risk Management Center pointed to public-private partnerships and enhanced resource sharing activities as key to defending against outside threats to voting systems.

Louisiana Becomes First State to Receive Internet for All Grants

The Department of Commerce is focusing on bridging digital divides across all rural communities in the U.S.

Over $105 Million Going to Better Internet for Native American Communities

The Department of Commerce announced a series of new grants through the Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program.

Energy is Looking for Input on $10 Billion Electric Grid Overhaul

A pillar in the Biden Administration agenda, the electrical grid modernization aims to increase clean energy sources and grid reliability.

CISA Seeks Software Engineers to Build New Registrar for .Gov Domain

The agency is taking new hiring authorities out for a spin in the recruitment effort to make state and local government websites more secure

FTC's Tech and Cyber Modernization Sees Success and Ongoing Challenges

The agency’s report indicated that the Federal Trade Commission was on track and making progress towards most of its tech-related goals, while offering a plan for future goals.

Government Launches New Website to Support Semiconductor Funding Law

The Department of Commerce’s will provide available resources and information as it begins to implement the new program.