TSA's Delete-O-Meter

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The folks over at Evolution of Security, the Transportation Security Administration's new blog, want you to know just how much nasty language and how many mean-spirited attacks they've suffered through. So, starting today, they've added a ticker showing how many posts to the blog its moderator has decided not to let see the light of day. The meter stood at 105 on opening day and will be updated weekly.

Just beneath it on the blog appears a link to the evil doing that will get you blocked, such things as personal attacks, profanity and threats, of course, but also, long embedded url strings, sensitive information and the ever pesky off-topic comment. Author "Glen" says that other than the proscribed topics, "all's fair in love and blogging."

In truth, Evolution of Security isn't bad for government work. One post details the story of the priest with razor blades in his Bible and others reveal the growing presence of security "zip lanes" that allow travelers with only carry-ons that will fit under the seat to "zip on through." What's more, TSA fearlessly links to Schneier on Security the blog of security guru and self-proclaimed curmudgeon, Bruce Schneier, as well as to Homeland Security Watch, neither of which are always complimentary.