The Lowdown on Google Apps

Google’s ballyhooed venture into Web applications may be suffering a setback.

As InfoWorld has been reporting, Google’s premium online application suite has suffered three significant downtime failures in March.

“Google is having problems keeping its uptime pledge to some paying customers of its Google Apps suite of hosted services, throwing into question the company's ability to offer guaranteed levels of application reliability,” reports InfoWorld’s Juan Carlos Perez.

Information Week reported earlier this month that the FAA might skip a Windows upgrade in favor of Google Web Apps.

In response to a Tech Insider request, Google said they apologized for any inconvenience they may have caused. "While only a small portion of users of Google Apps have been affected, we understand the trust that all of our users place in us by using this service for critical business functions. We are absolutely focused on providing extremely high levels of availability for all users,” said company spokesman Emmanuel Evita.