School Board Association Suffers Data Breach


Employees of a Texas school board association late last month had their personal information compromised in what appears to be a data breach that inadvertently posted their Social Social numbers online. 

A spokeswoman for the Victoria school district, which was affected by the breach, said the information "was essentially posted to the internet" and not obtained by "a hacking in the system," according to Victoria Advocate. In addition to Social Security numbers, the leaked information included employee names.

Action was taken immediately to secure the leaked information, and a computer forensics company came in to investigate the matter. 

"We are taking numerous steps to prevent something like this from happening again, including a comprehensive review of all of our data security measures," said a letter by James Crow, executive director of Texas Association of School Boards.

Those affected by the breach have been offered a year of credit monitoring and identity theft solution services. A spokeswoman for the association said there's no sign the leaked information has been used.