Phishing Campaign Targets Electronic Signature Service DocuSign Users

Web Services

DocuSign, an electronic signature service, warned of a convincing phishing campaign targeting its users.

Since May 9, DocuSign had been tracking an increase in phishing emails that ask users to download a Word document with embedded malware. The company announced Monday a third party accessed a “non-core system” that allowed it to get users’ email addresses but not other information such as names, addresses or the documents being shared.

So the phishing campaign is targeting people who expect to click on links in DocuSign emails.

The company urged users to send suspicious emails to and delete any messages from unfamiliar or unexpected senders, that contain attachments or include misspelled domain names.

“We took immediate action to prohibit unauthorized access to this system, we have put further security controls in place, and are working with law enforcement agencies,” the company said.