Ransomware Infects DC Police Closed-Circuit Camera Network

Government (U.S.) // Washington, D.C., USA

Eight days before President Donald Trump's inauguration, hackers infected a large number of storage devices that record data from D.C. police surveillance cameras, according to The Washington Post. 

Police cameras were unable to record Jan. 12-15 because of two forms of ransomware, according to city officials. The attack impacted "123 of 187 network video reorders in a closed-circuit TV system for public spaces across the city," The Post reported. 

No actual ransom was paid; the city decided to fix the problem by "taking the devices offline, removing all software and restarting the system at each site," The Post wrote.

The city's Chief Technology Officer Archana Vemulapalli said the hack is being investigated. No suspect has been named as of yet. 

Update: The Washington Post reported Feb. 2 that Britain’s National Crime Agency arrested a Swedish woman and English man, both 50 years old, after executing a search warrant. Both are currently out on bail.