OPM Attackers Nabbed Data from American Airlines and Global Travel Booker Sabre


A crew of Chinese cyberspies connected to the hack of federal personnel records also allegedly infiltrated computers at American Airlines and Sabre Corp., a flight, car and hotel reservation processor.

Researchers have also said this same group is responsible for data breaches at health insurer Anthem and United Airlines that were detected over the past year.  

Sabre, a former American Airlines subsidiary, has said its central databank holds records on more than a billion travelers per year across the world.

"American is investigating whether hackers moved from Sabre’s systems into its own computers," Bloomberg reports. "The carrier shares some network infrastructure with Sabre. 

The IP addresses used by the OPM hackers matched activity found in the carrier’s computer logs, according to investigators.

One of the worst fears is that, with the ill-gotten intelligence, a foreign government could blackmail U.S. officials or track their travels to detect national security operations, or compare their movements with those of foreign nationals.