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White House-cited Standard Would Bolster National Electronics Security

Protecting the supply chain is about more than ensuring semiconductor inventories, some argue.

DOD Failing to Track Progress on Military Alternatives to GPS, GAO Says

A new report says military leaders don’t have enough information to make crucial decisions about ongoing efforts to develop alternatives to the Global Positioning System.

Finance Sector Deals Latest Blow to Cyber Solarium Construct Teetering in NDAA

Congress will return from the August recess faced once again with the challenge of building cybersecurity policy for private providers of critical infrastructure faster than industry can tear it down.

Over 20,000 Veterans Received VHA iPads but Never Used Them for Virtual Care

An inspector general review found that the agency was also slow to get devices back so they could be redistributed.

TMF Announces Over $26 million for Three Projects

The Technology Modernization Fund is making good on its promise earlier this year to support projects focusing on improving public-facing digital services.

How the Cyber Ambassador In Waiting Plans to Control $1.5 Billion for Open Networks

The recently passed “CHIPS and Science Act” funds a grants program that the new State Department official will have a key role in steering, including to telecom networking firms.

Government Authority to Counter Drones Gets Expansion Under New Legislation 

The Senate bill  would extend the DHS and DOJ’s drone-countering abilities that are set to expire in October, while also implementing some of the Biden administration’s recommendations for mitigating risks posed by potentially malicious drones.

These Are the Agencies Federal Employees Are Leaving at the Highest Rates

After jumping during the pandemic, the government's overall attrition rate has stabilized.

Senators Introduce Bill to Ensure Resiliency of Federal Data Centers

The proposal would establish baseline safeguards for cybersecurity and physical issues like natural disasters.

Bill Aims To Reclassify Broadband As Essential To Promote Net Neutrality

Two Democratic senators unveiled a new bill to codify broadband as an essential service and prevent discriminatory practices.

Lawmakers Float FITARA Changes as Scores Get Dragged Down by Missing Data 

The cyber scores were unreliable due to incomplete data, witnesses told lawmakers.

AI Could Help Congress Schedule and Find Unexpected Consensus, Expert Says

Members of the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress discussed how artificial intelligence and machine learning could help improve policy outcomes.

Lawmakers Question DOJ’s National Security Division on Cybersecurity, Surveillance

The House Judiciary Committee raised concerns over  three hostile foreign actors that breached court systems in early 2020, in addition to questions about the surveillance of Americans.

Top Republican to 'Seriously Consider Pulling the Plug' on VA's New EHR System

The ranking member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee plans to introduce legislation before the end of the year to address deficiencies in the rollout of the new Oracle-Cerner electronic health record system.

Human Rights Advocate to Congress: Stop Federal Procurement of Commercial Spyware

The Intelligence Authorization Act, which recently cleared committee in the House, empowers—but does not require—the director of national intelligence to bar such acquisitions.

The Federal Government Plans to ‘Step Up Our Work’ on Monkeypox After WHO Declaration 

The Biden administration has faced pressure from lawmakers and others to do more on the outbreak.

If Trump Is Reelected, His Aides Are Planning to Purge the Civil Service

Officials are looking to revive a controversial order issued in Trump's waning days and have already identified 50,000 federal positions to target.