CXO Briefing

NIST Debuts Long-Anticipated AI Risk Management Framework

With the launch of the AI RMF 1.0, federal researchers focused on four core functions to structure how all organizations evaluate and introduce more trustworthy AI systems.

Survey: CIOs Feel Elevated, Consider Themselves ‘Changemakers’

The survey found more than 3 in 4 chief information officers believe their roles have been elevated in response to recent economic times.

The Pentagon’s Innovation Shop Wants More Influence in 2023

The agency wants to be part of program executives’ acquisition strategies and to spread more commercial-based tech across the department.

OPM Has Replaced Its Embattled CFO Following Harassment Report

The Defense Department inspector general recently substantiated complaints that the senior executive sexually harassed subordinates and used racial slurs.

Microsoft Office 365 Now Available to Customers at Secret Classification

Microsoft’s productivity suite is now available at a more secure classification level.

GAO Pegs Unemployment Insurance Fraud Tally at More Than $60 billion

At the same time, the congressional watchdog cautioned that governmentwide fraud estimates are potentially dicey.

FAA Attributes Ground-stop Glitch to Contractor Error

The agency said there is no evidence of a cyberattack or malicious intent behind last week's system outage.

OPM Guidance Lays Out Vision for ‘Exceptional’ Internship Programs at Agencies

Agencies should expand the number of interns they hire each year, among other things.

NIST Needs Lawyers to Help Administer $50B in CHIPS Act Funds

The agency is charged with issuing grants and loans, in addition to setting up new research institutes, and needs up to $10 million in legal advice.

Former Oversight Chair: Republicans Just Want to ‘Investigate and Destroy’

Former Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., decried the direction of her former committee and Republican priorities in the new Congress. 

House Republicans Are Looking to Cut Agencies or Specific Feds' Pay by Reviving the 'Holman Rule'

The new Congress already has its eyes set on slashing funding at some agencies, and eliminating others altogether.

National Science Foundation Spearheads New Funding to Improve Diversity in AI Workforce

In collaboration with six other federal groups, the NSF will focus on expanding minority-serving university offerings in artificial intelligence and machine learning education.

CDC Wants Real-time Data on COVID, Flu Vaccine Effectiveness

The public health agency aims to increase its use of real-time data to track the effectiveness of respiratory vaccines and is looking for possible vendor solutions.

2022 Year in Review: The Interviews

Five of our favorite recorded interviews from the year.

House Approves Omnibus Spending Bill, Funding Agencies Through September

After significant delay and compromise, Congress has finally set spending levels across government for fiscal 2023.

2022 Year in Review: Critical Update

Nextgov’s favorite episodes from the final year of the Critical Update podcast.