CXO Briefing

OPM Gives Agencies Guidance for a New Program to Rotate Cybersecurity Employees Across Agencies

The guidance seeks to implement the Federal Rotation Cyber Workforce Program created by lawmakers last year as a way to foster new critical skills across government.

VA Is Hiring at a Record Rate. Employees Say It's Still Not Enough.

Nearly every VA employee thinks its facility is understaffed, according to a new survey, despite the department's unprecedented hiring spree.

Public Sector Work Equals High Job Satisfaction

A new workforce survey reveals what employees love about the public sector, and what’s driving them away.

3 Customer Experience Tips for Feds from Feds

Two professional customer experience experts offered advice for other practitioners across the federal ranks this month.

Public Trust in Government is Low. A Congressman Wants to Fix That With More White House Transparency. 

Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Ill., reintroduced bills regarding visitor logs and preservation of presidential records. 

CDC Seeks Digital Health App for Its Employees

The mobile application should provide meditation and mindfulness activities to help employees manage stress.

Telework Not to Blame for Government Backlogs and Inefficiencies, OPM Director Says

Kiran Ahuja defends telework before skeptical Republicans, amid efforts to improve data collection around agencies’ use of workplace flexibilities.

NASA Unveils $27B Budget Plan to Support Mars Missions and Beyond 

The requested budget is a 7.1% increase from NASA’s fiscal year 2023 enacted budget.

Pentagon Office Tracking National Security Impact of Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

The director of the Pentagon’s office tasked with connecting relevant tech companies with private capital said in an email that the office is “monitoring national security-related impacts” stemming from the prominent startup lender’s demise.

IRS Plans to Approve Use of Login-dot-gov as Tax Day Nears

The tax agency intends to add Login this filing season—and as early as next week—as the integration is in final rounds of testing.

Army Making Progress on Implementation of Online Real Estate Tool, IG Says

The U.S. Army is on track to deploy a new online application “to identify the existing inventory of space available” at select military installations as part of a pilot program.

Details of Budget’s R&D Funding Emphasizes Emerging Tech

Agency officials involved in developing emerging technologies described how funding AI, quantum information systems and biotechnologies are all priority items within the 2024 Budget.

These Are the 11 Most Significant Agency and Program Reforms in Biden's Budget

See how the president is prioritizing his proposed budget increases at nearly every agency in government.

Accountability and Cost Efficiency Goals Amplified in President Biden’s $6.9 Trillion Budget Proposal

This is just a wish list, as the administration still has to hammer out an agreement with a divided Congress.

Intelligence Threat Assessment Highlights Tech Vulnerabilities, Chinese Competition

The Senate’s annual hearing on national security threats underscored the importance of technology in this arena, particularly with growing competition and threats from China.