This Graphic Will Show You What Your Office Will Look Like in 10 Years

It may resemble GSA's new headquarters.

In 2013, the General Services Administration put the finishing touches on its next-gen headquarters renovation, designed to reduce the agency’s building expenses and carbon footprint while creating efficient work spaces that meet the growing need for mobility and flexibility on the job. The planners envision this modern paradigm as the wave of the future across government, in which employees plug in from home or on the road as much as they do in the office.

The office model is more compact and more nimble, providing work spaces only where needed and when needed. The open bullpen is all-inclusive—from agency chiefs to mid-managers to support staff—and the coveted corner office may become a quaint notion of the past. Employees share desks, but they also have the option of reserving private rooms for meetings, phone calls or quiet. And environmental touches like solar panels, rainwater cisterns and high-efficiency air systems conserve energy as well as money.

As telework, teleconferencing and everything short of teleporting changes the way agencies work, could this be your office of the future?