Obamacare Enrollment Company Fumbles Client Data


The private broker mistakenly released about 300 client email addresses.

In a slipup to stoke Republicans' Obamacare security concerns, Enroll Alaska accidentally released email addresses of about 300 clients Monday afternoon.

An employee forgot to hide the recipient list when sending out a mass email regarding a glitch with the HealthCare.gov, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

Enroll Alaska is a private Alaska-based company established to assist residents in enrolling in coverage through the health care law. The state is under the federal insurance marketplace.

The "generic email" was sent to a selection of clients who had and had not enrolled in insurance, congratulating them on their new policy. It was immediately recalled and deleted, but some disgruntled recipients already sent complaints.

Security concerns with the health care law have been a main line of attack for Republicans in Congress, although they are primarily focused on the potential for data breaches directly through the federal website.

Enroll Alaska COO Tyann Boling downplayed concerns regarding the leak.

"People make mistakes," she told the Anchorage Daily News. "One of our employees did, they felt horrible about it, we recalled it." She said the company did not violate HIPAA, the health privacy act, because the email did not include other personal information besides email addresses.

Boling says the company has signed up about 1,050 residents for insurance thus far.

According to the latest release from HHS, 3,356 Alaskans had enrolled in coverage through HealthCare.gov as of the end of December.