Navy money will get new tech in the field faster

United States Navy

Rapid Innovation Fund will dish out $50 million in awards of up to $3 million each.

The Navy has slated $50 million to push small companies to take ideas from lab to field in areas from green tech to microelectronics, contract databases show.

The Office of Naval Research has established the Rapid Innovation Fund to dish out awards of up to $3 million for research and development efforts. Preference will be given to teams working on technology that can be deployed within a year of support from the venture fund, a request for proposals states.

The Navy is seeking proposals on energy technology that can reduce dependence on fossil fuels and new materials to help weapons systems and battalions operate more efficiently, as well as advances in manufacturing techniques and microprocessors.

It is also interested in land mine detection technology, network security in degraded environments and radar enhancements.

White papers are due September 17. Selected respondents will be invited to submit proposals, according to the RFP.