Artificial Intelligence

FCC to consider new protections against AI-generated robocalls next month

The proposal comes four months before the U.S. presidential election, where experts have long feared how AI may be used to misinform voters.

DOD’s generative AI task force will help set guardrails for broader use

The head of the Pentagon’s Task Force Lima said recommendations from the project will help officials develop the infrastructure needed to adopt AI technologies.

DHS generative AI pilot embraces hiccups of emerging tech

Michael Boyce, the director of the AI Corps at the Department of Homeland Security said a pilot program using generative AI to train new asylum and refugee officers is leaning into hallucinations to better mirror real interviews.

AI can enhance border security but won’t close workforce gap, lawmakers say

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is facing a “major shortfall” of about 5,000 personnel, according to Rep. Lou Correa, D-Calif.

Lawmaker looks to update standards for AI-generated robocalls

A new proposal from Rep. Rick Allen, R-Ga., would make calls created by artificial intelligence tools “subject to the same regulations and standards as traditional telephone-based systems.”

Trump pledges to ax Biden’s AI executive order

The newly adopted Republican platform calls the executive order “dangerous.”

The US intelligence community is embracing generative AI

Intelligence agencies are using generative AI for a variety of purposes, including content triage and assisting analysts.

Balancing innovation and safety: Inside NIST’s AI Safety Institute

The institute's director Elizabeth Kelly details efforts to test models and create guidance to encourage responsible artificial intelligence use.

AI can enhance health care and enable cost savings, lawmaker says

Rep. David Schweikert, R-Ariz., said lawmakers “have to build the infrastructure” around the use of AI in wearable medical devices.

Lawmaker set to introduce bill to standardize AI system testing

The proposed legislation would focus on standardizing how AI systems are tested for fairness and safety, with the National Institute of Standards and Technology at the forefront.

House lawmakers push measure to limit impact of deceptive AI on elections

The legislation would apply to AI-generated election content that is designed to interfere with voting in federal, state or local contests.

Blinken spotlights role of AI in diplomacy

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other State Department leaders explained how AI use cases such as data analysis and translation are already taking hold at the department.

DHS report details AI’s potential to amplify biological, chemical threats

As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to intersect with sensitive research efforts, the Department of Homeland Security recommended increased communication and guidance to mitigate dangerous outcomes.

Bill would require Commerce to launch AI public awareness campaign

The education campaign acts on a proposal included in the Bipartisan Senate AI Working Group’s framework that was released last month.

GSA announces 11 new Presidential Innovation Fellows to focus on AI

The second cohort of Presidential Innovation Fellows in 2024 will help agencies adopt AI while mitigating risks.

Senate bill mandating agency chief AI officers gets House companion

The proposal would codify several aspects of AI guidance released by the Office of Management and Budget in guidance this spring.

White House to host event showcasing AI’s potential

The Office of Science and Technology Policy will present seven projects that aim to facilitate various public sector operations, featuring collaborations from academia and private sector players.