CIO Briefing

Russian and Chinese Satellites Are Helping U.S. Pilots Spy on Russia and China

U-2 pilots are wearing watches that connect to foreign satellites, giving them backup navigation when GPS is jammed.


The Official Coronavirus Numbers Are Wrong, and Everyone Knows It

Because the U.S. data on coronavirus infections are so deeply flawed, the quantification of the outbreak obscures more than it illuminates.

Emerging Tech

Energy’s Forthcoming Nuclear Security-Focused Supercomputer Could Be Faster Than Originally Expected

The system, set to be equipped with performance capabilities that could exceed 2 exaflops, is expected to break supercomputing speed barriers. 

Emerging Tech

A Military-Funded Biosensor Could Be the Future of Pandemic Detection

If it wins FDA approval next year, the two-part sensor could help spot new infections weeks before symptoms begin to show.


3 Essential Steps to Help Ensure Data Protection in the Mobile Workforce

Federal agencies can protect their most valuable assets by taking security measures at multiple touchpoints.

IT Modernization

GSA to Partner with GAO in Latest Centers of Excellence Partnership

The General Services Administration intends to help the Government Accountability Office stand up an innovation lab.


Key Defense Supplier Hit by Ransomware

The hackers also allegedly stole sensitive documents from Visser Precision, which makes parts for Lockheed, Boeing, and SpaceX.


CISA Officials See ‘No Malicious Activity’ During Super Tuesday

Subsequent information could change the analysis but the agency does not currently attribute technical hiccups in some states to interference.  

CIO Briefing

Government Issued $175 Billion in Improper Payments, Watchdog Says

Despite laws and technology changes, federal agencies saw increased losses from fiscal 2018. 


Some Election-Related Websites Still Run on Vulnerable Software Older Than Many High Schoolers

Our analysis found that websites in dozens of towns and counties voting on Super Tuesday have security weaknesses. Richmond, Va., still uses software from 2003.

Emerging Tech

White House Touts a Year of AI Initiatives in Roundup Report

The Office of Science and Technology Policy released a list of accomplishments in promoting artificial intelligence, including efforts to adopt cutting-edge technologies within the federal government.

Emerging Tech

NOAA Launches New Strategy to Streamline and Advance Its AI-Driven Efforts

The agency outlined its goals to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence across the enterprise.


End-to-End Encryption and Law Enforcement Access to Data Can Coexist, Justice Official Says

The official pointed to Australian and U.K. laws as models for the U.S. and an emerging “international consensus” on the issue. 

CIO Briefing

Industry Offers Quick Fixes For Major Pain Points In Security Clearance Process

The background investigations backlog and wait times are down, but contractors still see hurdles in getting people cleared for sensitive work.


Keeping Up with Compliance in the Digital Age 

Late adopters to the Homeland Security Department’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program can still benefit.

Emerging Tech

NOAA Launches Supercomputing Upgrade to Beef Up Weather Forecasts

The agency is replacing existing systems with two new, more powerful Cray computers.


NIST Expects to Create Privacy Guidelines for Smaller Organizations

National Institute of Standards and Technology Director Walter Copan offered insights in how the agency’s privacy framework came together and its future.