White House Developing National Strategy to Increase Data Collection as Privacy Tech Improves

A pending national strategy on data collection and analytics will focus on regulation and policy changes, according to a forthcoming request for public comments.

Bipartisan Bill Establishes All-Encompassing Federal Data Privacy Standards

The American Data Privacy and Protection Act stands to improve American users’ data privacy and offers federal regulatory power.

Data Gap Poses Risks for Launch Site of VA’s New Health Record

The commercial electronic health record system being introduced by the Department of Veterans Affairs is proving difficult and expensive to adapt to the agency’s data reporting requirements.

Pentagon Calls for New Ideas in ‘Third Wave’ of AI Evolution

A new artificial intelligence program attempts to streamline machine learning algorithms to make better warfighting decisions.

FEMA Region Seeks Data Scientist to Improve Equity in Disaster Aid

A region of the Federal Emergency Management Agency needs help sifting through messy federal data as part of its ongoing equity efforts.

Equitable Tax Policy Demands Household Data on Race, Gender

A GAO report outlines the biases potentially lurking in the current tax code, and calls for better interagency data sharing laws.

FBI Ran Over 3 Million Searches on Americans' Electronic Data

Using data harvested by Section 702, the FBI published an approximation of how many searches it ran on Americans’ data for the first time.

NSA Re-awards Secret $10 Billion Contract to Amazon

Amazon Web Services beat out Microsoft for the contract after a bid protest battle.

U.S. Joins ‘Historic’ Global Group Focused on Data Privacy

The newly-formed Global Cross-Border Privacy Rules Forum aims to promote international data sharing with an emphasis on bridging differences in privacy frameworks.

The Biggest Roadblocks to DataOps Adoption and How Agencies Can Overcome Them

Database professionals need training, budgetary investment and leadership buy-in to be fully successful.

House Subcommittee Requests More Frequent American Income Data

The Subcommittee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth asked for greater data releases in a bid to close wealth gaps.

VA Creating New Data Product To Help Bridge Care Gaps

As part of the agency’s Equity Plan, officials will use more accurate demographic data to understand gaps in access to VA benefits.

Survey: No Clear Winner in Cloud Wars

The biggest potential differentiator is automated cloud migration services.

CISA Seeks Comment on Visibility Effort Being Piloted with Cloud Service Providers

The agency is starting to spend the $690 million it got through the American Rescue Act to monitor security and respond to incidents across federal civilian networks.

Energy Aims To Make AI Human-Driven, Accessible To Underserved Communities

Having real people support the artificial intelligence system both builds community trust and ensures that those systems are designed for underserved populations.

Labor Constructing a Virtual Data Enclave For Sensitive Microdata

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is aiming to use a new system to securely share workplace fatality and geographical data with researchers. 

Census Launches Interactive Demographic Map

The tool aims to provide transparency on racial and income data across the country.