Education Department Updates Rules and Criminal Penalties for Accessing Agency Data

A new filing updates the department’s policies on who can access IT systems and data, as well as the fines and prison terms for unauthorized access or failing to secure data.

Your Phone Is Your Private Space

Without evidence of wrongdoing, neither public agents nor private companies should be rifling through the photos on your personal devices.

Postal Service Will Focus on Big Data, Digital Platforms Over Next 10 Years

As the Postal Service looks at the next 10 years, the agency inspector general looked back at the last decade of technology innovation to see what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Air Force Wants to Spot Potential Outbreaks in Personnel Sooner with Wearables

Top officials are also looking into data integration and digital traceability tools to help keep staff healthy.

LGBTQ+ People of Color Face Greatest Risk from Spike in Hate Crimes. Why Doesn't FBI Data Include Them?

Across the nation, more hate crimes were reported in 2020 than in any year since 2008. Advocates say federal data is missing crucial context that keeps resources from those at the greatest risk.

'Noisy' Data Can Worsen Credit Inequality

“We’re working with data that’s flawed for all sorts of historical reasons,” a researcher said.

Data Privacy Laws in the US Protect Profit but Prevent Sharing Data for Public Good – People Want the Opposite

People produce mountains of data every day, but not all data is treated the same under the law.

The Taliban Reportedly Have Control of US Biometric Devices – a Lesson in Life-and-Death Consequences of Data Privacy

The Defense Department viewed “identity dominance” as the cornerstone of multiple counterterrorism strategies.

OMB Provides Tiered Instructions on Logging Requirements in Executive Order

A memo for agencies assigns criticality levels to monitoring activities along various categories and sets deadlines for compliance. 

CDC Center Wants Data Science Training For Everyone, Including New Data Science Team

The contract will include a monthly seminar series for those new to data science and more advanced training for the Data Science Team.

IG: 5 Things USAID Needs to Do to Better Protect Personally Identifiable Information

A recent audit showed gaps remain in the agency’s policies despite progress over the last seven years.

You’ve Been Vaccinated. Now Prove It.

Proponents of vaccine passports say the credentials give vaccinated people more assurance as they resume going out and could spur the reluctant to get vaccinated.

Background Check Agency Wants a Social Media Search Tool

The Defense Department office charged with investigating potential insider threats wants to use social media to add context to allegations.

What a Top Secret Cloud Means for Microsoft

A commercial platform announced last year is now generally available to government customers.