Building Better Apps

As agencies roll out more public-facing mobile applications, three developers provide some unvarnished feedback.

Ted Chan

Ted Chan is founder and CEO of several educational apps companies, including, which prepares students for standardized aptitude tests, and, a language training app. He is also Chief Technology Officer of

Yaron Oren

Yaron Oren is chief operating officer at iSpeech, a developer of text-to-voice conversion and speech recognition technology used in numerous mobile apps, including the company's, a service for multi-tasking drivers that won the Consumer Electronics Association's 2011 Mobile Apps Showdown.

Adam Borut

Adam Borut is co-founder of Eco Hatchery, which develops sustainability and energy efficiency mobile applications. Light Bulb Finder, the company’s flagship product, was named best overall app in the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2011 Apps for the Environment Challenge.