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James Damore Is Suing Google for Discriminating Against White Males

The Ex-Google Engineer filed a complaint in California state court.

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Silicon Valley Is Flipping Elections in its Spare Time

It’s not anything your average venture-backed startup wouldn’t do, but it’s virtually unheard of for local politicians.

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Donald Trump’s Crackdown on Immigrants Is Spooking US Tech Firms From Even Interviewing Them

tech companies are getting the message, says online hiring platform Hired in a new study.

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New Research Shows 'Digital Natives' Are No Better at Technology Than the Rest of Us

Millennials do not necessarily possess special skills at basic computer programs compared to older generations.

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More Silicon Valley Tech Workers Were Born Outside the U.S. Than In It

It turns out that almost every major tech hub has more foreign-born workers than domestic ones.

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Robot Exoskeletons Are Finally Here, And They’re Nothing Like the Suits From 'Iron Man'

After years of tinkering and military adventures, the first exoskeleton suits are finally walking out of the lab and into the market.

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Silicon Valley’s Finest Are Finally Developing a Code of Ethics

Software engineers and executives in the Valley are writing up a set of civic values.

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People Are Ready For Flying Cars—But Only If They Drive Themselves

According to one poll, many would prefer a robot escort them above the Earth.

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Programming While Black Will Cost You $10,000 in Salary

Racial discrimination may be alive and well in the technology industry.

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President of Silicon Valley’s Y Combinator Is Funding Trump Promise-Tracker

“One of the lesson from startups is more measurement almost always leads to better decision making,” Altman says.


We Already Have a Muslim Registry. It’s Called Facebook

The U.S. government will never need to ask anyone to build Muslim registries because tech companies have already built them.