Nextgov - All Content technology news, best practices, and web 2.0 tools.en-usWed, 04 Mar 2015 17:10:24 -0500House Committee Prods Energy Department to Use More Supercomputers House Committee on Science, Space and Technology approved a bill that would require the Energy Department to invest in supercomputing research.Mohana RavindranathWed, 04 Mar 2015 17:10:24 -0500 TechThe Energy Department's Jaguar SupercomputerOak Ridge National LaboratoryVideo: Open Data and a More Effective, More Efficient Government fourth installment in our collaboration with Socrata's Open Data TV.Caitlin FairchildWed, 04 Mar 2015 17:07:01 -0500 Dataphipatbig/Shutterstock.comCommerce Department Launches Private Sector Data Brain Trust members of the newly created Data Advisory Council stem from some of the private sector’s leading tech companies.Hallie GoldenWed, 04 Mar 2015 16:36:18 -0500 BriefingCommerce Secretary Penny PritzkerJ. Scott Applewhite/APSome Smartphone Apps Have to Be Cleared by the FDA with a medical purpose need some approvalDr. Corinna Lathan, QuartzWed, 04 Mar 2015 16:10:10 -0500 Don’t Have to Know How to Code to Make it Big in Tech are some characteristics of the tech world that have nothing to do with coding or technical preparation — and everything to do with attitude, emotional intelligence and flexibility.Karen Wickre, QuartzWed, 04 Mar 2015 15:54:03 -0500 Briefing - Wired WorkplaceMark Lennihan/APFISMA by the Numbers: The Biggest Cyber Threats at These 5 Agencies incidents targeting federal agencies are on the rise.Caitlin Fairchild and Jack MooreWed, 04 Mar 2015 14:54:05 -0500 Wasserman/Shutterstock.comTime is Running Out to Reform NSA Mass Surveillance two years after Edward Snowden’s explosive revelations, surveillance reform remains in doubt as the window of opportunity closes.Dustin Volz, National JournalWed, 04 Mar 2015 13:41:52 -0500 Luis Magana/APMore Security Fears Surround Clinton’s 'Homebrew' Email Server“Clinton's decision to forgo the State Department's servers is inexplicable and inexcusable,” says one security expert.Dustin Volz, National JournalWed, 04 Mar 2015 13:31:05 -0500 Secretary of State Hillary ClintonCarolyn Kaster/APSenate Offices Want New System to Track Website Vulnerabilities Senate wants commercial, off-the-shelf software to scan, identify and help resolve vulnerabilities across 140 different Senate office websites.Jack MooreWed, 04 Mar 2015 13:22:44 -0500 Bourdages/Shutterstock.comEXCLUSIVE: Energy Department Gets New CIO Johnson, an official with the White House science office, is stepping into the role.Frank KonkelWed, 04 Mar 2015 12:42:23 -0500 BriefingEnergy DepartmentRollout of New CIO Powers Could be 'Uneven,' DOJ CIO Says a recent conference, Justice Department Chief Information Officer Joe Klimavicz said some agencies will be quicker to enact the federal IT reform.Mohana RavindranathTue, 03 Mar 2015 17:13:36 -0500 Briefingdencg/Shutterstock.comWere Clinton's Personal Emails an Open Door to Hackers? the transparency concerns, security experts wonder whether the former secretary of state’s emails were protected from foreign hackers.Dustin Volz, National JournalTue, 03 Mar 2015 17:10:20 -0500 US Officials Stopped Talking about 'Cyberwar' future awaits where countries share intelligence one minute, and hack and cyberattack each other the next.Bruce Schneier, The AtlanticTue, 03 Mar 2015 16:31:06 -0500 Clinton's Email Habits Reveal About Federal Records Laws regulations don’t outright ban the use of personal email accounts to conduct official government business.Hallie GoldenTue, 03 Mar 2015 15:25:07 -0500 BriefingBebeto Matthews/APFeds Say They Finally Have a Database of Every Cyber Job in Government cyberwarriors hail from more than 100 different job categories scattered across agencies.Jack MooreTue, 03 Mar 2015 14:01:59 -0500 Briefing - Wired WorkplaceJirsak/Shutterstock.comSilicon Valley's Best and Worst Jobs for New Moms and Dads look at major differences in the tech industry’s approach to parental leaveRebecca Grant, The AtlanticTue, 03 Mar 2015 13:35:08 -0500 Briefing - Wired WorkplaceEdyta Pawlowska/Shutterstock.comWhy Big Data Gets a Bad Rap in Government it or not, big data is not all fire and brimstone, surveillance and mass spying.Frank KonkelTue, 03 Mar 2015 13:19:55 -0500 Tech - Emerging Techfaithie/Shutterstock.comHillary Clinton's Personal Email Use a Blow to White House Transparency Claim didn't take long for The New York Times report to take off Monday night.Matt Berman, National JournalTue, 03 Mar 2015 10:16:37 -0500 Kaster/APThe Internet of Things Is So Easy, We Built Our Own less than $100, we built a Barack Obama Detector for your desk.Andrew McGill, National JournalTue, 03 Mar 2015 07:00:00 -0500 DataA simple "Internet of Things" machine can tell where in the world is Barack Obama. Carolyn Kaster/AP6 Biggest Blunders in Government's Annual Cyber Report Card White House has released its yearly assessment of agency compliance with the governmentwide cyber laws.Aliya SternsteinMon, 02 Mar 2015 19:03:24 -0500 NivensWhen Congress and Cloud Collided lawmaker came up with a new meaning for the term “cloud.” But DOD’s chief information officer isn’t smiling.Frank KonkelMon, 02 Mar 2015 17:19:03 -0500 Tech - Emerging TechRep. Jim Cooper, D-Tenn.J. Scott Applewhite/APNew Tool Aims to Make Government Financial Disclosures More Transparent January 2016 and onward, OGE plans to require Senate-confirmed appointees to use the online system, called Integrity.Mohana RavindranathMon, 02 Mar 2015 17:17:15 -0500 BriefingCienpies Design/Shutterstock.comClapper: Maintaining Phone Call Surveillance is Like Buying Insurance nation's top spy said keeping logs of U.S. citizens' phone calls is a preventive measure for discerning potential threats.Aliya SternsteinMon, 02 Mar 2015 16:33:41 -0500 of National Intelligence James Clapper J. Scott Applewhite/APVideo: Open Data and Fostering Citizen Advocacy third installment in our collaboration with Socrata's Open Data TV.Caitlin FairchildMon, 02 Mar 2015 15:48:04 -0500 Datawhitehoune/Shutterstock.comWhen IRS Tech Projects Start to Slip, Congress is the Last to Know few key tech projects at IRS are running over budget and behind schedule, and lawmakers are being left out of the loop, GAO said.Jack MooreMon, 02 Mar 2015 14:24:15 -0500 BriefingThe IRS building is seen in Washington. J. David Ake/AP File Photo