Nextgov - All Content technology news, best practices, and web 2.0 tools.en-usFri, 30 Jan 2015 15:57:47 -0500House Committee Demands Answers from CTO Megan Smith and HHS on Data Mining head of the House Space, Science and Technology Committee says he might call U.S. Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith to testify about potential consumer privacy gaps.Jack MooreFri, 30 Jan 2015 15:57:47 -0500 DataRocketing into the Future: Can Containers Help Secure the Cloud? combination of rapid application installation and controlled access to the underlying system will provide developers and operations with capabilities they need to fully exploit the cloud.Dominic DelmolinoFri, 30 Jan 2015 13:52:45 -0500 - Tech Insiderbelekekin/Shutterstock.comA New Global Swarm of Weather-Sensing Satellites with tiny orbiting sensors, a startup plans to build the world's largest database of private weather data.Robinson Meyer, The AtlanticFri, 30 Jan 2015 13:47:27 -0500 DataA Spire employee works on one of the company's satellites.SpireGovernment Privacy Board to Obama: Shut Down NSA Mass Spying Now White House has been quiet on surveillance reform since the USA Freedom Act crumbled in the Senate last November.Dustin Volz, National JournalFri, 30 Jan 2015 13:29:00 -0500 National Security Administration campus in Fort Meade, Md. Patrick Semansky/APAmazon To Finally Announce How Much Revenue Its Cloud Services Bring In cloud service powers both the CIA and Netflix.Alice Truong, QuartzFri, 30 Jan 2015 13:26:26 -0500 C/Shutterstock.comManaging Virtual Workers? Take a Page from Fantasy Football strategies to creating and managing a winning fantasy football team are just as effective when leading a very different group of players—the federal virtual workforce.Hallie GoldenFri, 30 Jan 2015 11:00:19 -0500 Briefing - Wired WorkplaceDetroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson runs for a 67-yard touchdown reception during the first quarter of an NFL football game against the New York Giants in Detroit. Johnson is one of the most traded players in CBS Sports and Yahoo fantasy leagues.Carlos Osorio/AP File PhotoHackers Redirect Malaysia Airlines, Pop Taylor Swift’s Twitter Account, and Harass Autistic Teen another week in ThreatWatch, our regularly updated index of noteworthy data breaches.Aliya SternsteinFri, 30 Jan 2015 06:00:00 -0500 Swift performs in Times Square during New Year's Eve celebrations.Charles Sykes/APThe Pentagon Accelerates Move to Cloud Computing proof is in the participation: The Defense Department’s latest cloud security guidelines received 800-plus public comments, the vast majority of them from industry players and cloud providers.Frank KonkelThu, 29 Jan 2015 16:21:30 -0500 user Michael BairdFCC Demands Faster Broadband complain that increasing the definition of "broadband" is meant to justify power grabs.Brendan Sasso, National JournalThu, 29 Jan 2015 16:14:41 -0500 BriefingFederal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler.Jose Luis Magana/APCell Carriers Spend $45B in Auction of Wireless Frequencies astronomical figure shows just how desperate carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are for access to more airwaves to power their customers' devices.Brendan Sasso, National JournalThu, 29 Jan 2015 16:07:05 -0500 AKAVCI/Shutterstock.comBeware the Unwitting Insider Threat who click on dubious email attachments, plug in unsecured storage devices or leave laptops unsecured, among other problematic IT practices, may be the biggest threat posed to securing federal agency networks.Jack MooreThu, 29 Jan 2015 15:39:52 -0500 Danti/Shutterstock.comWhy Is Google Making Human Skin? dive into one of Google Life Sciences' latest initiatives.James Hamblin, MD and Katherine Wells, The AtlanticThu, 29 Jan 2015 13:26:47 -0500 Reveals Super Bowl Surveillance Techniques -- Sort Of will not be using sarcasm-detecting software they have expressed an interest in buying, the Secret Service said.Aliya SternsteinWed, 28 Jan 2015 18:45:26 -0500 Super Bowl XLIX logo is displayed on the University of Phoenix Stadium, Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015, in Glendale, Ariz.Charlie Riedel/APWhy Paid Parental Leave Could Be Key to Diversifying the Tech Workforce president's new parental leave policy may entice more women to seek STEM jobs in the federal government versus the private sector.Hallie GoldenWed, 28 Jan 2015 17:09:47 -0500 Briefing - Wired’s What the US Could Learn From Estonia About Cybersecurity attacks cost an estimated $400 billion in damages per year, but that number may soon soar thanks to what Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves called “the “little green men-ization of cyberspace."Linda Kinstler, QuartzWed, 28 Jan 2015 13:23:09 -0500's President Toomas Hendrik Ilves addresses the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly.John Minchillo/APThis Is How Feds Will Protect Sensitive Data in the Cloud so-called high-impact baseline has become a major priority because of recent demand from both the Defense Department and civilian agencies.Frank KonkelWed, 28 Jan 2015 13:06:47 -0500 Stricter Drone Laws a White House scare, could tougher regulations threaten Amazon's delivery dreams?Russell Berman, The AtlanticWed, 28 Jan 2015 12:59:44 -0500 Service officers search the south grounds of the White House after a drone accidentally crashed there.Susan Walsh/APIf You're Using Big Data, Press '1' data has the potential to improve the federal customer experience.Patrick BoyntonWed, 28 Jan 2015 10:25:50 -0500 Data Tashatuvango/Shutterstock.comFederal CTO’s New Mission: Raise the Government’s Tech IQ Smith is touting the Obama administration’s all-of the-above approach to refreshing its tech workforce, including tapping Silicon Valley alumni to work on short-term projects and retraining existing federal techies.Jack MooreTue, 27 Jan 2015 18:23:22 -0500 BriefingCTO Megan Smith shares a laugh with a middle school student from Newark, N.J. and Founder Hadi Partovi, center, after teaching U.S. President Barack Obama how to code at the White House.Paul Morigi/APDHS to Launch Iris and Facial Recognition at the Border project is part of a coming overhaul of DHS' biometric system, which currently contains more than 170 million foreigner fingerprints and facial images.Aliya SternsteinTue, 27 Jan 2015 18:08:49 -0500 Get a How-To Guide for Responding to Social Media Hacks you’re a fed whose job involves dealing with your department’s social media accounts, this resource is worth a look.Frank KonkelTue, 27 Jan 2015 15:16:59 -0500 Tech - Emerging TechQuka/Shutterstock.comWhat Do Americans Hate More: Their Internet Providers or Their Government? satisfaction with the federal government is declining, according to a new survey.Brian Resnick, National JournalTue, 27 Jan 2015 14:28:11 -0500 BriefingGil C/Shutterstock.comAfter Drone Crashes in its Backyard, White House Calls for New Regulations president directed federal agencies to release rules for commercial drone use.Kaveh Waddell, National JournalTue, 27 Jan 2015 13:57:57 -0500 drone that crashed onto the White House grounds in Washington, Monday, Jan. 26, 2015.US Secret Service/APGSA Spends Over $100 Million for New Cloud Services through GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, the contract will be a GSA-wide procurement vehicle,Frank KonkelTue, 27 Jan 2015 12:20:00 -0500’s Transition to the Cloud Will Be a Drawn-Out Slog company is shifting toward a model of selling software as subscription-based services, and away from its “old” business of selling one-time software licenses.Dan Frommer, QuartzTue, 27 Jan 2015 11:10:49 -0500 CEO Satya Nadella gestures while speaking during a press briefing on the intersection of cloud and mobile computing.Eric Risberg/AP