Nextgov - All Content technology news, best practices, and web 2.0 tools.en-usFri, 04 Sep 2015 16:56:21 -0400Video: NASA Designed a Hedgehog Robot to Explore Comets and Asteroids adorable robot uses its wheels in a different way.Caitlin FairchildFri, 04 Sep 2015 16:56:21 -0400 TechWhile a Mars rover can't operate upside down, the Hedgehog robot can function regardless of which side lands up. NASADHS Delays Refugee Rapid DNA Tests Aimed at Stemming Human Trafficking onsite, one-hour minilabs could help curb human trafficking, officials sayAliya SternsteinFri, 04 Sep 2015 16:06:09 -0400 Is Working on Making a Tractor Beam out of Hoverboards're one step closer to making Star Wars a reality.Mike Murphy, QuartzFri, 04 Sep 2015 15:26:11 -0400 Techpio3/Shutterstock.comGeological Agency Wants to Know if Its Social Media Strategy is Working agency is looking for a social media analytics service.Mohana RavindranathFri, 04 Sep 2015 14:49:10 -0400 BriefingBloomua/Shutterstock.comLibrary of Congress’ Latest Tech Stumble: Copyright System Down for a Week online system used to electronically register copyrights has been out of commission for nearly a week.Hallie GoldenFri, 04 Sep 2015 14:36:59 -0400 BriefingOrhan Cam/Shutterstock.comJustice Department to Require Warrants for Cell Phone Tracking Technology new policy does not apply to state and local police departments that have used cell-site simulators to track criminalsKaveh Waddell, National JournalFri, 04 Sep 2015 13:52:27 -0400 Subatomic Race to Harness Quantum Science and China are betting millions on the promise of this newish field, but the real-world potential remains a mystery.Patrick Tucker, Defense OneFri, 04 Sep 2015 12:00:00 -0400 TechQuantum computing processor from the company D Wave, the Washington C16.D WaveTSA's 'Airport of the Future' Includes More Biometrics and 'Intelligence-Driven' Procedures an influx of 1.1 billion passengers over the next two decades, TSA technology and procedures will need to change.Hallie GoldenFri, 04 Sep 2015 09:59:26 -0400 TechAug. 11, 2015, at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, TSA agents are surrounded by travelers in lines that snake around the airport.Elaine Thompson/APState Department Wants to Compile Cybersecurity 'Playbook' industry expertise is needed for planning tactics to block and perhaps strike back at hackers.Aliya SternsteinThu, 03 Sep 2015 16:31:01 -0400 C/Shutterstock.comVideo: What it's Like to Eat at a Restaurant Entirely Run by Computers is made even faster.Caitlin FairchildThu, 03 Sep 2015 16:30:51 -0400 TechCustomers get their food from one of Eatsa's cubbies.CNETGSA Ponders Slashing 2-Year Experience Requirement for IT Contractors agency is also considering eliminating a requirement for a spot on the Schedule 70 that potential contractors must have at least two years' corporate experience.Mohana RavindranathThu, 03 Sep 2015 16:25:11 -0400 Schild/Shutterstock.comWhat Congress Can Learn from the Military About Cybersecurity it stands, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act won’t much improve information-sharing. Here's how to change that.Robert Knake, Defense OneThu, 03 Sep 2015 14:54:41 -0400 Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.Lauren Victoria Burke/APVA Official: New, Streamlined '' Coming in November new hub is scheduled to go live on Veterans Day -- Nov. 11 -- of this year.Mohana RavindranathThu, 03 Sep 2015 14:08:17 -0400 BriefingVeterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP File PhotoHere’s What OPM Is Offering to Protect Hack Victims from Blackmail It’s not $330 million worth of ID protection services.Aliya SternsteinThu, 03 Sep 2015 07:19:05 -0400 Director of OPM, Beth CobertGovernment ExecutiveVideo: Who Envisions a Future with Self-Driving Cars? everyone is excited about a driverless future.Caitlin FairchildWed, 02 Sep 2015 16:33:23 -0400 TechGoogle's new self-driving prototype car is presented during a demonstration at the Google campus in Mountain View, Calif.Tony Avelar/AP File PhotoTeams in NASA’s Latest Challenge Compete to Have Their Inventions Sent into Space has completed the first round of its first space-based competition.Hallie GoldenWed, 02 Sep 2015 16:12:44 -0400 TechNASAShould Government Use 'Dark Web' Data to Warn Industry about Planned Attacks? your hand could be a really bad idea.Camille TuuttiWed, 02 Sep 2015 15:50:52 -0400 Creates New 'Self-Healing' Material through the endless void of space in a thin aluminum can as debris zips around in every direction may have just gotten a little safer.Mike Murphy, QuartzWed, 02 Sep 2015 15:37:24 -0400 TechThe International Space StationNASARedesigning Government Work for the Internet of Things proliferation of Internet-connected devices represents a new way of working.William D. Eggers, Max Meyers, and Claire NiechWed, 02 Sep 2015 14:21:43 -0400 TechMacrovector/Shutterstock.comThis Might Be the Best New Drone to Buy for Beginners first!Mike Murphy, QuartzWed, 02 Sep 2015 13:00:00 -0400 TechThe Snap DroneVantage Robotics‘The Meatball’ vs. ‘The Worm’: How NASA Brands Space space agency’s current symbol, a beloved signal of the agency’s storied past, wasn’t always so beloved.Megan Garber, The AtlanticWed, 02 Sep 2015 12:22:53 -0400 BriefingEdwin Verin/Shutterstock.comGovernment Will Actually Spend $330 Million to Protect Victims of the OPM Hack initial $133 million contract award covers only one year of ID protection services.Jack MooreWed, 02 Sep 2015 09:14:11 -0400 Months after Detecting OPM Hack, Officials Begin Protecting 21.5 Million Victims At a Cost of $330 Million announcing an initial $133 million award to I.D. Experts for protection services, U.S. officials said they proceeded with caution to ensure they do not further inconvenience victims.Aliya SternsteinTue, 01 Sep 2015 20:15:07 -0400, DC - JUNE 6: Sign at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in Washington, DC on June 6, 2015. OPM manages the civil service of the federal government.Mark Van Scyoc/Shutterstock.comHow This Wireless Company is Beefing up Mobile Security in a New Way hello to hardware that keeps your phone safer.Caitlin FairchildTue, 01 Sep 2015 17:07:30 -0400 ymgerman/Shutterstock.comWhite House Names Facebook Alum Its First Product Director’s executive branch continues to build out its digital organization.Dan Frommer, QuartzTue, 01 Sep 2015 15:18:22 -0400 BriefingGil C/