What's the Most Commonly Used Mobile App for Governments Across the World?

Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock.com

About 47 percent of apps activated by government groups worldwide were related to document editing,

The public sector is more likely to use mobile applications for managing documents than for any other purposes, a new report suggests. 

In the past few months, about 47 percent of apps activated by government groups worldwide were related to document editing, according to the report from tech contractor Good Technology. The company, whose customers are from both the public and private sectors, based findings on internal data and data from across its customers' devices.

About 23 percent of public sector apps were for accessing documents, the report said. 

In an interview with Nextgov, Good Technology's public sector vice president, Chris Roberts, described an uptick in government adoption of mobile applications, though he did not disclose more specific data about mobile adoption trends in the public sector.

That trend could be significant for technology contractors -- such as Good Technology -- looking to sell applications to the government, Roberts said.

"It shows the government's interest in "generat[ing] more productivity and cost savings" through mobile apps, he added.

In the private sector, industries such as finance and energy are more interested in instant messaging applications, or secure browsing, Roberts said, "whereas the federal government is beginning to move down that workflow path, the document path, very quickly."

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