Google Is Bringing Smart Replies To Messaging Apps

Google is going to know what you will say before you do.

No Easy Answers, Just More Questions in Major Encryption Report

Any change to encryption policy will require a tradeoff between individual security and national security, a report from the National Academies concludes.

Report: Most Feds Break Smartphone Security Rules

Despite agency policies, many federal employees download unauthorized apps and connect personal devices to agency networks.

Chinese Telecoms Could Join Kaspersky On Governmentwide Banned List

The Homeland Security Department banned the Russian antivirus company Kaspersky from government networks last year. Huawei and ZTE may be next.

The Source Code for the iPhone Leaked Online

Researchers believe the code to be real, and could be a significant security leak

The Simple Test That Can Determine If a Technology Is For Good or Evil

What are the ethical responsibilities of companies that are able to manipulate human behavior on a massive scale?

Big Rideshare Says Your Cars—Not Theirs—Are the Enemy of Public Transit

Fifteen of the world’s leading transport and technology companies  announced their shared resolve to help keep cities livable.

The Case for Locking Up Your Smartphone

Lockers and sleeves for phones can feel like an infringement on personal rights, but they also might save people from their worst habits.

Rosenstein's ‘Responsible Encryption’ Proposal is Nonsensical, Privacy Expert Says

Companies could build backdoor access into products, but it leaves users vulnerable.

How to Stay Cyber Secure at the Winter Olympics

Don't get hacked while watching the curling competition.

Pentagon Reviewing Electronic Device Policy

The Defense Department review goes beyond whether to allow staff to bring phones into the Pentagon.

All Followers Are Fake Followers

A New York Times exposé of a “black market” for online fame diagnoses the symptom of social-media despair, but misses its cause.

Ahead of Tougher EU Data Laws, Facebook Is Sharing Its Privacy Philosophy

Facebook also said that it will introduce a “privacy center,” a one-stop-shop within the platform for adjusting privacy settings.

FCC, Telecom Industry Slam Idea of Government-Built 5G Network

Despite the proposal’s claim of national security concerns, experts—including the administration’s picks on the FCC—came out aggressively against the idea.

Apple May Release Another Tiny Phone This Year

This could be good news for anyone who’s not a fan of how massive smartphones have become.

Privacy Shouldn’t Be the Price of Progress. Here’s How to Keep Your Data Safe

Our secrets used to be our own. Now they’re owned by the platforms and the databases where we store them.