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Oregon official’s website taken down to decontaminate breached files

Network intrusion

During routine monitoring, personnel discovered that an unknown person had hacked into at least one database belonging to the Oregon Secretary of State.

The agency was going through each of its systems to determine which were and weren’t compromised.  Personnel had taken offline the state’s Central Business Registry, where Oregon companies register.  And the online campaign finance reporting system, ORESTAR, was out of service.

“We don’t know whether this is just an act of malicious mischief, or whether there’s some other purpose that we haven’t been able yet to determine,” Spokesman Tony Green said.

The state’s Centralized Voter Registry was isolated and untouched, he officials said.

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Government (U.S.)


February 6, 2014

reported by

Oregon Public Broadcasting

number affected


location of breach

Oregon, United States



location of perpetrators


date breach occurred

Late on Feb. 4, 2014

date breach detected

Between Feb. 4 and Feb. 6