Hackers Accidentally Auction Secrets, Ruin Relationships and Game Investors

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In case you missed our coverage this week in ThreatWatchNextgov’s regularly updated index of cyber breaches:

Various agencies, businesses and private citizens neglected to erase memory sticks before giving them away to online marketplaces, which also failed to wipe the drives.

Information on Chicago Public School students who participated in a free eye examination was inadvertently made available on the Internet, attracting 14 Web surfers.

An unidentified number Kenyan users of the social network sent money to other users who they believed to be buds in need of urgent financial help. Their troubled friends, however, actually were hackers who had overtaken legitimate Facebook accounts.

An eighth grader obtained an administrative password by improperly using his assigned computer, raising concerns about grade manipulation.

CME Group suffered a breach on the company’s ClearPort system, a software platform where over-the-counter trading of commodities and currencies is reported. 

ThreatWatch is a regularly updated catalog of data breaches successfully striking every sector of the globe, as reported by journalists, researchers and the victims themselves.

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