Helping the Federal Government Meet Cloud Smart Objectives

The recent global health pandemic and resulting stay- at-home orders across the nation have further emphasized why moving critical applications and data to the cloud is so important for federal agencies, programs, and staff. Cloud Smart encourages agencies to think of cloud as an array of solutions, including enterprise hybrid cloud. The commercial sector has proven cases which demonstrate that hybrid and multi-cloud environments are effective for managing huge workloads and spurring innovation. A solution like VMware Cloud Foundation—jointly engineered by VMware and AWS—may be the on-demand, scalable cloud modernization technology that can help optimize a variety of federal technology demands to: 1. Enable footprint expansion 2. Safeguard sensitive data 3. Deliver on-demand capacity 4. Deliver dynamic test, development, and IT lab environments 5. Enable hybrid applications. Fill out this brief form to download our paper with ideas to help you plan and implement an enterprise hybrid cloud solution to modernize cloud and meet Cloud Smart objectives agency-wide.