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Study: Here is Why You Never Know What Day It Is

August 25, 2015 Do you find yourself forgetting which day it is during the monotony of mid-week? A new study suggests this is because during the week, you’re neither stressed nor excited. Research published last week in PLOS ONE found that people were more likely to be confused about what day of the...

Watch an Eagle Punch a Drone Out of the Sky

August 12, 2015 An eagle recently discovered another great use for drones—as a punching bag. Adam Lancaster saw this in action recently, when a wedge-tailed eagle spiked his drone to the ground. Lancaster, an amateur drone photographer based out of Melbourne, Australia, tells Buzzfeed he was flying a drone in nearby Skye when...

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Research Says Sarcasm Can Make Workers More Creative

July 29, 2015 Sarcasm is considered an anathema in some work places: counterproductive and toxic to the office culture, and supposedly a sign of insecurity. Yet a new study on sarcasm claims that it can help boost creativity and abstract thinking—not just for the person speaking, but also for the listener. Yeah, right?...