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Stan Soloway

President/CEO, Celero Strategies, LLC

Stan Soloway is president and CEO of Celero Strategies, LLC. He formerly served as president and CEO of the Professional Services Council, and was deputy undersecretary of Defense for acquisition reform and director of the Defense Reform Initiative during the Clinton administration, receiving the Secretary of Defense Medals for Outstanding and Distinguished Public Service. He is a principal of the Partnership for Public Service and a member of National Contract Management Association's Executive Advisory Board.

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Baghdad's Lessons for New Orleans

October 1, 2005 Contracting is vital to recovery, and it shouldn't be hobbled by politics. The challenges of rebuilding the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina are daunting and on some levels almost inconceivable. This massive recovery will cost tens of billions of dollars, and the money will be spent fast. In addition to...

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Protesting Too Much

January 1, 2004 ust before Congress adjourned for Thanksgiving, legislators came perilously close to extending to federal employee unions the right to protest decisions to award contractors work formerly done by civil servants. Had the proposal moved forward, federal workers could have appealed such decisions to the General Accounting Office, just as companies...

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Myths and Realities: The Outsourcing Debate

July 1, 2002 he release on April 30 of the congressionally mandated Commercial Activities Panel report marked yet another step in a long and heated debate over the degree to which the government is-or should be-relying on the private sector for the delivery of services. Last year, the issue almost brought down the...