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Stan Soloway

President/CEO, Celero Strategies, LLC

Stan Soloway is president and CEO of Celero Strategies, LLC. He formerly served as president and CEO of the Professional Services Council, and was deputy undersecretary of Defense for acquisition reform and director of the Defense Reform Initiative during the Clinton administration, receiving the Secretary of Defense Medals for Outstanding and Distinguished Public Service. He is a principal of the Partnership for Public Service and a member of National Contract Management Association's Executive Advisory Board.

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When Civic Degradation Tops Civic Engagement

November 4, 2016 According to every poll, we are a nation divided. Certainly the tenor and tone of the current election cycle has done nothing but amplify those divisions. Thus, one of the next president’s most immediate and critical challenges will be finding ways in which to overcome the anger and vitriol that...

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We Talk Tech, But We Really Need to Talk People

September 8, 2016 September—the month that brings us both Labor Day and the Service to America Medals honoring outstanding public servants—is a good time to talk about the people who are so essential to government. But aside from an announcement from President Obama seeking a too-small (but welcome) pay raise for federal employees,...

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The Bipartisan Forces that Could Stifle Government Innovation

July 12, 2016 In his excellent book, Delivering on Digital (Rosetta Books, 2016), William Eggers presents a compelling case for the many ways in which the government’s ability—and willingness—to embrace the digital age that dominates the broader economy can dramatically improve government service and efficiencies. Eggers’ work, and other related analyses, are of...

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This Is No Way to Fix Defense Acquisition

June 14, 2016 As recently reported by Charlie Clark and others, the administration is threatening to veto the Senate Armed Services Committee’s version of the 2017 defense authorization bill. Not surprisingly, the veto threat is driven by debate over the closure of Guantanamo, relations with Cuba, and other widely debated public issues. But...

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The Pentagon Is Dodging the Real Issue on Innovation

April 25, 2016 The Defense Department is asking Congress for special authority to buy products and services from “innovative” businesses that have done little or no business with the government. If that sounds familiar, it should; the President's 2017 budget request contains a very similar proposal. Like that earlier proposal, the Pentagon’s request...

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The Brewing Government Funding Storm That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

March 21, 2016 Think the impacts of this year’s presidential election won’t be felt until 2017 (excluding the Trans Pacific Partnership and Merrick Garland Supreme Court nomination)? Not so fast. Think the two-year budget deal agreed to by Congress and President Obama will still, as intended, head off an appropriations impasse this year?...

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Americans Should Demand a Serious Budget Debate

March 1, 2016 Any hope of driving real efficiency in federal agencies hinges in large part on the ability of our elected leaders to come to some consensus on the nation’s fiscal course. If there was any question that the budget President Obama submitted to Congress in early February was dead on arrival,...

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Of Politics and Procurement

January 12, 2016 How best to say this? “Here we go again?” Once more, a group of well-intentioned members of Congress are pushing the president to issue a directive that would mandate that contractors disclose all of their political contributions upon being awarded a government contract. Transparency, we are told, is essential to...

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Congress Weighs In on Defense Procurement Gaps

November 30, 2015 There is still a significant schizophrenia within the government generally, and particularly in the Defense Department, over the use of commercial items and services. As arcane as this issue might sound, it is actually one of the core lynchpins to the government's ability to drive innovation and gain access the...

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Why Things Go Wrong

October 30, 2015 Stuff happens. Things go wrong for a wide range of often unpredictable reasons. But when there are glaring signs that go unheeded, or old saws or presumptions that are allowed to dominate, there is really no excuse for the poor results that follow. This is clearly true in federal acquisition,...