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Mapping America's New Economy in Construction Permits

August 20, 2014 Here’s a map of America’s new economic geography as seen through construction permits from our friends at Trulia. It shows 2014 construction permits compared to their historical norms. Construction permits are a leading indicator of where growth is occurring and will continue to occur. Permits are way up in the...

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Where the Great Recession Made Inequality Worse

August 4, 2014 The most troubling reality of America’s ongoing economic recovery has been just how differently the recession and recovery have played out for the wealthiest households and for everyone else. The rich are getting richer, and income inequality is growing. In 2012, the top 10 percent took home more than half...

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Where Cities Are Growing Faster Than Their Suburbs

June 23, 2014 Where is growth happening in America: cities or suburbs? For much of the last half-century, growth was a suburban phenomenon. But over the past decade or so, many have noted the comeback of cities and the urban core—a phenomenon Alan Ehrenhalt dubs “the great inversion.” In fact, the question of...

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Are Baby Boomers Really Keeping Millennials From Finding Jobs?

June 19, 2014 The millennial generation is the largest in American history, and they’ve begun to enter the workforce. But more and more, these young workers are stuck in low-end, low-pay, and even part-time jobs for which they are overqualified—something that a recent NBER working paper has found could depress their future earnings...

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The Truth About D.C.'s Growing Knowledge-Based Economy

October 31, 2013 Washington, D.C., has always been known as a city of power. But beyond politics and diplomacy, it is now the center of a big, dynamic, successful and diverse economy, one that is quickly becoming an important player on the global stage. As I wrote in last month in The Atlantic,...

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In Search of the Entrepreneurial Personalities of Specific Places

May 30, 2013 As I've noted many times before, entrepreneurship is a key driver of innovation and economic growth. But we also know that entrepreneurship is spiky — not everyone becomes an entrepreneur, and not all places foster this kind of growth. Economists, mayors, and economic development officials as well as venture capitalists,...

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Americans trust local governments, even as faith in Washington crumbles

September 27, 2012 Americans' faith in the feds is fading, but trust in state and local government is rising substantially. According to survey results released Wednesday by the Gallup organization, roughly two-thirds of Americans express a fair or great deal of trust in state government and even more — almost three-quarters — trust...

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Americans trust local government more than Washington

May 9, 2012 With partisan gridlock and congressional dysfunction, Americans may have lost faith in their federal government, but an overwhelming majority view state and local government favorably. More than 6 in 10 Americans hold favorable views of state and local government, while just 33 percent view the federal government favorably – down...