IT Modernization

Update Twitter and Free Up a Lot of Space on Your iPhone

Twitter updated its iPhone app today with a new feature that lets users do some spring cleaning.

Emerging Tech

MIT’s New Robot Reads Your Thoughts and Knows When It Made a Mistake

Instead of taking over for a computer, typing instructions onto keyboards, or speaking them aloud, what if you could just think them?

Emerging Tech

IBM Thinks It’s Ready to Turn Quantum Computing Into an Actual Business

IBM has announced it is forming IBM Q, a new division around its quantum computing research.

IT Modernization

UPS Is Testing Drones That Allow Its Delivery Trucks to Be in Two Places at Once

Spending all day waiting for a package delivery may one day be a thing of the past.

IT Modernization

It’s Looking More Likely That the Next iPhone Will Have Wireless Charging

One of the most annoying things about smartphones is that they never last as long as we need them to.

Emerging Tech

This Startup Thinks Future of Deliveries Is an Ostrich-Shaped Robot

This leggy robot that can traverse any awkward footings that come naturally, or at least more easily, to humans.

CIO Briefing

Companies Want to Make Drones Less Terrifying—Before They’re Flying Everywhere

When drones show up at the Super Bowl, it’s safe to say they’ve gone mainstream.


Facebook Is Quickly Closing in on 2 Billion Users

Soon, there won’t be any internet users left to join Mark Zuckerberg’s club.

Emerging Tech

Alphabet’s Boston Dynamics Is Working on a Robot Its Founder Calls 'Nightmare Inducing'

The company's latest creation takes things a step further.

Emerging Tech

The EU Is Exploring Legal Personhood for Robots

For the time being, robots don’t need civil rights—they have a hard enough time walking, let alone marching—but the European Union doesn’t expect that to be the case forever.

IT Modernization

Apple Has Already Cornered Over 40% of the Wireless Headphone Market

The wireless headphone market is starting to look a lot like the early smartphone market.

IT Modernization

Everything You Need to Know About CES 2017 in Under 2 Minutes

The first reveals at CES can set the tone for technology released throughout the rest of the year.

Emerging Tech

Alphabet’s New Self-Driving Minivans Will be on Public Roads in 2017

The future of automotive technology looks a lot like one of the most popular types of cars from the 1990s.

IT Modernization

First Amazon PrimeAir Drone Delivery Landed Today, 13 Minutes After Order Was Placed

The only human input on Amazon’s side was from the person who packed up the box the drone carried.