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LinkedIn May Just Be the Beginning of Mega-Acquisitions for Silicon Valley

The world’s technology giants are sitting on an unprecedented mountain of cash.

CIO Briefing

This Calculator Will Tell You How Much that Pointless Meeting Cost You

The prototype multiplies the rough hourly rates for participants by the total scheduled meeting time. This final cost is shown to everyone on the calendar.


NSA Has No Clue How Many Americans it’s Spying On

The agency is watching the electronic communications of hundreds of millions people, allegedly to find foreign threats.

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Love Your Co-Workers? Silicon Valley Startup Offers to Hire Entire Teams

People work best in teams. Companies mostly hire individuals. It's a hiring conundrum.

Emerging Tech

GE Building World’s Largest Jet Engine with 3-D Printed Parts

The company has been quick to use 3-D-printing technology, computer-aided design and new materials to render parts once impossible to make using conventional methods.

Emerging Tech

Your Web Searches Are Probably Going to Be Powered by Wind

Corporations are no longer waiting to buy power from utilities: they’re going straight to the source.


Can Google Build a City that Works Like the Internet?

Creating physical urban spaces that run on data—in ways that resemble the connectivity of the internet itself—has been a dream of Larry Page’s since he publicly floated the idea of “Google 2.0” in 2014.


It Only Costs $20 to Steal Someone’s Identity Online

Like any marketplace worth its salt, supply and demand set prices.

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Most Americans Spend Two Full Workdays a Month on Facebook

Procrastinating on Facebook appeals equally to the young and old

CIO Briefing

2 Out of 3 Developers Are Self-Taught

The answers of the 56,000 people who responded to a recent survey hint at what’s next for technology.