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Michael Grass

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Michael Grass, who joined the Government Executive Media Group in June 2014, is the founding co-editor of and worked as a copy editor at Roll Call, local and online editor at The Washington Post's Express newspaper, deputy managing editor at The New York Observer's, deputy managing editor at Washington City Paper and the D.C., Maryland and Virginia local editor for The Huffington Post. He also managed a non-profit network of state-based policy news sites in Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and New Mexico.

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Colorado Made ‘Intelligent Decisions’ on Rollout of Legal Marijuana Market

July 31, 2014 It may be too early to declare whether Colorado’s ongoing legal experiment with legalized recreational marijuana has been successful from a policy standpoint, but a new study from the Brookings Institution finds that the state’s implementation of the regulatory and taxing structure for legal weed has been largely a success....

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City Mostly Out of Luck After Tornado Doesn't Do Enough Damage

July 31, 2014 Tornadoes are relatively rare in Massachusetts. So when a EF-2 twister with winds of up to 120 miles per hour touched down in the densely populated city of Revere just outside Boston on Monday, it took everyone by surprise. While nobody was killed and there were no serious injuries, the...

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Indianapolis Mayor Announces Plan to Expand Preschool Access

July 30, 2014 The city of Indianapolis has joined the ranks of other major American cities trying to expand preschool options for local children. In an announcement on Tuesday, Mayor Greg Ballard unveiled a $50 million public-private partnership plan to give 1,300 low-income 4-year-olds access to preschool. As many cities and states consider...

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State and Local Agencies Stumble on Mobile Readiness

July 29, 2014 A fully equipped and enabled mobile work environment is still out of reach for many state and local government agencies, a new study that surveyed 150 IT managers across the nation indicates. Alexandria, Virginia-based Mobile Work Exchange, a public-private partnership that promotes mobile platforms and telework, released its assessment of...

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Railroads Aim to Block Maryland on Crude-Oil Shipment Disclosure

July 29, 2014 As various states and local governments continue to pressure railroad companies that transport crude oil on safety and transparency issues, railroad executives have argued that disclosing information about hazardous rail shipments poses a security risk and should be protected proprietary information. In May, the U.S. Department of Transportation issued an...

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Voluntary Water Reductions Aren’t Effective in California

July 28, 2014 If local governments in drought-stricken California want their residents to save water, they’re going to have to be more aggressive about mandating conservation. Voluntary measures simply aren’t cutting it, according to a new analysis by The Sacramento Bee that looked at impacts on water use in local jurisdictions that have...

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Rhode Island to Unemployed: No Online Resumé, No Benefits

July 25, 2014 As Rhode Island continues to report the nation’s highest unemployment rate, it’s no surprise that the Ocean State has sought new ideas and tactics to help decrease the percentage of state residents out of work, which stood at 7.9 percent in June. This month, state officials announced that they’re making...

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Koch Brothers Firm Threatens to Sue Chicago

July 25, 2014 A company controlled by conservative industrialists Charles and David Koch might sue Chicago if it does not receive variances from the city’s Department of Public Health to leave piles of dirty petroleum coke uncovered for the next four years. The threat of the lawsuit, first reported Friday morning by the...

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Few States Get Good Grades on Accessibility of Executive Orders

July 24, 2014 Governors of all 50 states issue executive or administrative orders for a variety of needs, from emergency declarations to directives guiding state agency operations. They are “the legal instruments by which governors conduct their duties,” according to the Sunlight Foundation, which recently found that the way state governments make—or don’t...

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California Launches Integrated Cloud Platform for State and Local Agencies

July 24, 2014 State and local government agencies across the nation’s most-populous state will now have access to a new cloud platform that’s being touted as the first such system to be deployed in the United States at the state level. CalCloud, developed and managed by IBM through a private-public partnership and administered...