CIO Briefing

CDC Uses Twitter to Explain Ebola to the Masses

The health organization is condensing warnings and guidelines into 140-character snippets in a Monday chat.

CIO Briefing

What Happened to America's Most Important Arctic Ships?

The nation’s fleet of ice-cutting ships is getting older, and congressional action to modernize it isn’t moving at breakneck speed.

Emerging Tech

Obama Met a Giant, Talking Robot Giraffe at the White House Today

The robotic animal that speaks with a British accent and can carry 30 people is just one oddity in a giraffe-centric news cycle this week.

IT Modernization

Edward Snowden: I Had More Access Than Almost Any Other Official in the Intelligence Community

The man responsible for leaking classified National Security Agency documents says he wasn't just "some low-level employee."

Emerging Tech

What's Going to Happen to the International Space Station?

Russia plans to kick Americans off the station after 2020, four years earlier than the space mission's intended end.

Emerging Tech

Is It Time for the U.S. to Partner With China in Space?

One of America's biggest rivals could also be its next best ally in the cosmos.


How the U.S. Power Grid Is Like a Big Pile of Sand

And why that puts the country at risk for widespread power outages.

CIO Briefing

NSA Reforms: What Will Change, And What Won't

Depending on who you ask, the changes Obama announced pave the way toward serious reform or are merely window dressing.

Emerging Tech

NASA's Budget Woes Eclipse Plans for Another Moon Walk in 2020

Americans have not set foot on the moon's surface since 1972. During his presidency, George W. Bush wanted to change that.

CIO Briefing

Why You Shouldn't Use a Laser-Equipped Gun as a Presentation Tool

Pointing lasers at airplanes (and pilots) is also a bad idea.

CIO Briefing

Here Comes the Crowdfunded Edward Snowden Biopic

A new film seeks to explain the psyche of the famous NSA whistle-blower.

CIO Briefing

Latest NSA Leak Nears Science Fiction Levels

Documents reveal the intelligence agency is racing NASA, Google and the scientific community to build the most powerful computer in the world.

Emerging Tech

Video: Mistletoe Drone Floats Above San Francisco's Union Square

Can Christmas-themed drones turn around the technology's reputation as killing machines?

CIO Briefing

The 10 Biggest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2013

From neuroscience to outer space, scientists churned out results with important implications for the future.


Task Force Blasts NSA's Collection and Storage of Personal Data

A group of presidential advisers recommends more than 40 changes to the NSA's data collection program.

CIO Briefing

Navy Technology Aims to Make Fuel out of Seawater

Jet fuel derived from the ocean would cost between $3 and $6 a gallon to make.

Emerging Tech

NASA Is Sending Basil to the Moon

The space agency is sending a few seedlings to live and prosper on the moon before we can.