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Katherine McIntire Peters

Deputy Editor

Katherine is deputy editor of Government Executive Media Group, a division of Atlantic Media, where she oversees editorial coverage for and Government Executive magazine. She previously was executive editor of Nextgov.

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Three Cheers for Simple Specs

April 1, 1996 t isn't often taxpayers, Defense contractors and Pentagon officials can cheer about the same news, but that's what happened last December when Defense Secretary William Perry announced plans to simplify Defense contracts. Under the "single process initiative" announced by Perry, Defense contractors will be able to eliminate obsolete specifications on...

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The Drawdown Drags On

March 1, 1996 hile the budget battles raging on Capitol Hill left most federal agencies bruised and bloodied, the Pentagon scored a comparative victory. But Defense officials aren't celebrating, even though the department's 1996 appropriation contained an extra $7 billion above the Administration's budget request, compliments of congressional Republicans who have pledged to...

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Start Planning To Privatize Now

February 1, 1996 he worst time to begin evaluating your organization for privatization is after you've been tapped for the job. If you think the responsibility will fall to you eventually, start planning now. The most important thing is to know your operation, who does what, why they do it and how they...

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The Hard Sell

February 1, 1996 nvestment banker William Mulrow likens the privatization of government assets and services to teen sex in the 1940s: "There's a lot of heat and discussion, but very little consummation." The comparison resonated with the federal managers assembled at the Capitol Hilton in Washington last December, where Mulrow was addressing a...