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Katherine McIntire Peters

Deputy Editor

Katherine is deputy editor of Government Executive Media Group, a division of Atlantic Media, where she oversees editorial coverage for and Government Executive magazine. She previously was executive editor of Nextgov.

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Help Your Staff Go the Distance

February 1, 1997 Talk to your agency's training department to find out what distance-learning courses are being offered and how your employees can participate. Talk to training directors at other federal agencies in your geographic region to find out what they're offering and how you might combine efforts and share resources. Get to...

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Learning Tips For Students

February 1, 1997 Be prepared. If you have been assigned advanced reading material, make sure you have read it and have your questions handy at the start of the class. Don't be shy. That microphone in front of you is for your benefit. If you have a question about the information being presented,...

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Teaching Tips For Instructors

February 1, 1997 Be prepared. There's no winging it in distance education. You must have a carefully planned script and stick to it. Consider your presentation from your students' perspective: What do they see and hear? Interact frequently with students. Make sure they understand your message and give them plenty of opportunities to...

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Going the Distance for Training

February 1, 1997 ohn Klesch likes to describe the leadership and camaraderie he witnessed three years ago in an Army training course for National Guard soldiers: The instructor, a beefy, senior noncommissioned officer with a booming voice, entered the classroom and the soldiers immediately snapped to attention. "I understand we have a birthday,"...

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Joint Vision 2010 Still Focusing

February 1, 1997 n the next few months, the Defense Department will lay the foundation for achieving the goals established in Joint Vision 2010, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. John Shalikashvili's concept for the military of the future. It is no small task. Pentagon officials are equating the chairman's goals...

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Funding the Fleet

January 1, 1997 ould you spend your paycheck the same way you spend your agency's funds? That question has become a litmus test for Adm. William "Bud" Flanagan, commander in chief of the Navy's Atlantic Fleet, and the cadre of deputies who manage the fleet's 148,800 troops, 195 ships and submarines, 1,360 aircraft,...

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Privatization's Problematic Side Can Be Costly

December 1, 1996 or years, politicians and the business community have touted privatization as the key to cutting large, inefficient government bureaucracies and saving taxpayer dollars. But where other agencies are predicting high payoffs in turning over certain operations to the private sector, AMC is treading cautiously. When AMC promised the Army it...

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Banking on Efficiency

December 1, 1996 uy now and save later. Such was the pitch used by officials at the Army Materiel Command earlier this year trying to sell Army leaders on their plan to substantially change the way AMC does business. The Army bought the plan. Now it's up to AMC to deliver nearly $2...

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Intelligence Lost

November 1, 1996 arly in his career, John Montgomery had prepared an intelligence briefing on the Middle East for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Montgomery, an analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency, had worked hard on the briefing and he thought he was ready. He knew all about the surface-to-air...

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Up Against the Wall

October 1, 1996 hile most Americans spend their weeknights at home watching television, U.S. Border Patrol agent John Kennedy sits in a Ford Bronco high in the mountains of San Diego's East County, watching a real drama unfold on the television monitor before him. The monitor is connected to an infrared scope trained...