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Katherine McIntire Peters

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Katherine is deputy editor of Government Executive Media Group, a division of Atlantic Media, where she oversees editorial coverage for and Government Executive magazine. She previously was executive editor of Nextgov.

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Money Woes

June 1, 1997 hat do you say about a department that last year overpaid contractors $180 million, sent checks to hundreds of dead people and couldn't reconcile $18 billion in payments with its accounting records? If you're John Hamre, Defense Department comptroller and steward of the coffers of the agency responsible for...

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Trade-offs Loom in Modern Force

May 1, 1997 or the third time in five years, the Defense Department is attempting to redefine itself in the aftermath of the Cold War. The most recent effort, known as the Quadrennial Defense Review, or QDR, "will be nothing less than a total reassessment of America's defense strategy, force structure, military...

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DoD Hones Top Anti-Terrorist Weapon

April 1, 1997 raining military personnel and their families to be aware of and react to terrorist activity will become a critical weapon in the Pentagon's anti-terrorism arsenal. The goal of Defense Department officials is nothing short of creating a new mindset for all personnel, from the most junior enlistees to flag officers...

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Defending the Troops

April 1, 1997 ir Force security police Staff Sgt. Alfredo Guerrero was standing on the roof of Building 131 at the Khobar Towers housing complex in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, shortly before 10 p.m. last June when something caught his attention. A fuel truck, followed by a car, was moving through a parking lot...

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Procurement Changes Pack Purchasing Power

April 1, 1997 hen employees at one federal agency needed new heating equipment, they followed procedure and took their request to the agency's Contracting and Acquisition Management Office. Two hours and 48 minutes later, the equipment was installed. If that sounds like some bureaucrat's fantasy, it shouldn't. It really happened at the Army's...

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Online Diplomacy

March 12, 1997 The phenomenal growth in telecommunications and information technology is not lost on the State Department. To get a handle on the technology revolution's impact on the art of statecraft, the department yesterday hosted the first of five seminars in a series entitled "Reinventing Diplomacy and Development for on Online...

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So Many Conflicts, So Little Time

March 1, 1997 ( During the 40 years of the Cold War, from 1950 through 1989, the Army participated in 10 major deployments to handle crises both foreign and domestic. Since 1990, the Army has participated in at least 27 such deployments, eight of which are ongoing: 1989 Operation Just Cause, invasion of...

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The Price of Peace

March 1, 1997 ( n a typical day in recent months, about 55,000 U.S. military personnel could be found participating in more than a dozen military operations around the world, few of which would ever make the evening news. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 marking the end of the...

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DoD Splits Costs With Industry

March 1, 1997 ( ou've got to spend money to make money. Such is the axiom Defense acquisition officials are following as they pursue a new program to invest more money in commercial research and development. While they don't expect to "make" money on the investment, they expect to reap substantial savings by...

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DoD Delays Weapons Buys

February 7, 1997 The Clinton Administration's fiscal 1998 Defense budget request of $259.4 billion increases funding for operations and maintenance but delays a long-planned boost in spending on weapons modernization. The Administration also is requesting $2 billion in supplemental funding for 1997 to pay for unplanned contingency operations in Bosnia and Iraq. The...