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Katherine McIntire Peters

Deputy Editor

Katherine is deputy editor of Government Executive Media Group, a division of Atlantic Media, where she oversees editorial coverage for and Government Executive magazine. She previously was executive editor of Nextgov.

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Leading the Business Revolution

August 15, 1998 ooking for spare parts? Extra boots for the troops? Medical supplies before your next big deployment? Shopping has never been easier at the Defense Logistics Agency, the military's combat support agency. Through innovative contracting, reengineering and the expansion of an electronic shopping network, the agency charged with providing parts...

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Price Check

August 1, 1998 he Pentagon has a problem. Over the next decade, its plan for modernizing the military far exceeds its anticipated $260 billion-a-year budget. By how much, no one can say for sure. After analyzing available budget and planning documents, the independent Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments estimates the mismatch...

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Agencies Planning for Performance

July 1, 1998 Hundreds of representatives from more than 54 federal, state, local and private organizations participated in the development of the Office of National Drug Control Policy's performance measurement system. Twenty working groups convened more than 80 meetings to set goals and establish measures for 94 performance targets in the year...

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High Stakes

July 1, 1998 ill was 13 when he smoked marijuana for the first time. It made him feel so much better than he usually felt that by the end of eighth grade he was smoking it nearly every day. Like many of his friends, he used other drugs as well: LSD, mushrooms,...

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A Brief History of Reform

June 1, 1998 n an effort to gain control of federal finances, Congress launched a series of reforms this decade, beginning with the 1990 Chief Financial Officers Act. It was the most far-reaching financial management legislation in 40 years. By establishing a financial management leadership structure, requiring audited financial statements and strengthening...

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Dollars and Sense

June 1, 1998 ast year, financial auditors in the inspector general's office at the Department of Housing and Urban Development noticed a problem when they looked at the books for Briarwood Hill Apartments, a public housing project in North Haven, Conn. A visit to the site confirmed their suspicions: The landlord was...

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Military Depends on Civilian Satellites

April 1, 1998 he Defense Department and intelligence agencies operate a number of satellite systems that provide troops and commanders with secure communications, navigation and weather data, early warning of ballistic missile attack and intelligence. Systems range from the well-known Global Positioning System (GPS) constellation of satellites that allows users to determine precise...

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Space Wars

April 1, 1998 ast Christmas Eve, a privately held company launched the first commercial high-resolution remote sensing satellite from Eastern Russia. For the first time, spy-quality images previously available only to U.S. and Russian military and intelligence agencies went on sale in the commercial marketplace. Once the purview of governments, space technology...

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Unique Partnership Yields Results

April 1, 1998 mployees at Letterkenny Army Depot in Chambersburg, Pa., are quick to say they keep contractor United Defense at arm's length. The description reflects the relationship between depot workers and contractor personnel working together on a contract to upgrade the Army's Paladin howitzer-close enough to reach out and shake hands....

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Buying Time

February 1, 1998 uring an Army battle experiment last year, soldiers deployed a miniature plane behind "enemy" lines to take pictures of the battlefield. The opposing force immediately shot it down. It became clear battle planners would have to devise a new reconnaissance strategy, since the maximum altitude for taking sharp pictures...