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Josh Horwitz

Josh Horwitz is a correspondent for Quartz

Josh is a correspondent for Quartz who covers internet business and technology in Asia. He has lived in Shanghai, Beijing, and the great city of Taipei, where he studied Mandarin through the Taiwan Ministry of Education's Huawei Enrichment Scholarship. He now calls Hong Kong home. Josh's obsessions include China's internet, streaming media, and the future of transportation. He'd love to hear from you.

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Facebook Will Now Warn You if Government Tries to Hack Your Account

October 20, 2015 Facebook will begin notifying users when it suspects a state-affiliated entity has attempted to hack into their account, Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos wrote a blog post on Oct. 17. Users that Facebook believes are targets of such attacks will receive the following message: The company implemented this system because...

Massive Security Breach Hits Apple’s App Store in China

September 21, 2015 A security breach has affected Apple’s App Store in China, potentially infecting millions of smartphones with malware and forcing the company to potentially remove hundreds of apps. Chinese users who download some of the nation’s most popular apps, including WeChat, which has over 600 million monthly active users, could find...

The Chinese Government’s Love-Hate Relationship with the Internet

July 13, 2015 Most people associate the phrase “national security” with guns and tanks. For the Chinese government, things like smartphone apps are also a serious threat to the state. The People’s Republic of China Cybersecurity Law, which was published last week (translated into English here), directs a number of decrees at entities...