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Here’s What Citizens Taught Feds During Disasters

After the summer's hurricanes, agencies are looking at how everyday people can help in disaster relief efforts.


FTC Ready to Police Internet If FCC Repeals Net Neutrality Rules

The Federal Trade Commission has a long-established role in preserving online competition, Acting Chairwoman Maureen Ohlhausen said.

IT Modernization

The Customs System That Clogged Airports In January Isn’t Fixed, IG Says

The agency doesn't have a backup system in place if another outage happens, the watchdog said.

CIO Briefing

Delayed Security Clearance Reforms Could Increase Costs for Agencies

Continuous evaluation could remain a pipe dream as cash-strapped agencies get no guidance from the top.


FCC Chairman: Government Will Stop ‘Micromanaging the Internet’

Chairman Ajit Pai unveiled the commission’s plan to roll back net neutrality regulations put in place during the Obama administration.

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Senator Calls On Agencies to Streamline Programs for Entrepreneurs

The Government Accountability Office reported in 2012 that each of the 52 entrepreneur support programs at Commerce, SBA and other agencies overlapped with at least one other program.

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Industry Teams Up To Teach Agencies AI

Two companies are teaming up in an effort to help agencies and their employees about AI.

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Acting CIOs Still in Place at One-Third of CFO Agencies

Many of the top tech positions in government remain unfilled.

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Only 23% of the World Has a Free and Open Internet

The U.S. does not have the world's most free internet, according to a independent watchdog group.

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Vet Returns To Boot Camp ... For Coding

Using the GI Bill, veterans with tech industry ambitions can head to coding schools.

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Senate Passes Anti-Sex Trafficking Bill with Newfound Tech Industry Support

A major industry trade group reversed its position on the controversial bill as companies come under in Russia investigation.

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Farmers to Congress: We Need Broadband, Too

Agriculture and energy companies in rural areas want to find efficiencies with internet of things devices, but lack of high-speed access is a problem

Emerging Tech

CIA, NSA Offer Startups More Than Money

The intelligence community can serve as a test-bed for startups pitching AI and other emerging technologies.

CIO Briefing

Three-Star General Wants Artificial Intelligence in Every New Weapon System

The department's Project Maven uses machine learning to go through drone video feeds but that's just the beginning, Air Force Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan said.


GAO Says Cybersecurity is Top Concern for 2020 Census

The Census Bureau has only tested four of 43 systems needed for the 2020 Census.

CIO Briefing

FCC, Congress Feud Over Media Ownership Loophole

Split down party lines, legislators and FCC commissioners fought over media mergers and net neutrality during an oversight hearing.  


Survey: Cities Rely on Federal Data—And That Worries Them

Local officials consider federal data “very important” but they’re concerned about how it will be updated less frequently.

CIO Briefing

Online Political Ad Bill Could Burden Small Publishers, Experts Tell House Panel

The Honest Ads Act comes after the Senate found that Russian groups purchased thousands of online ads during 2016 election

IT Modernization

Cutting Regulations Could Entice 5G Network Investment, says FCC Commissioner

Nationwide high-speed internet promises many benefits but still relies on private companies to foot the infrastructure bill.