Is a Cabinet-Level CIO the Future of Government I.T.?

That person would lead “a legion of people” who could support the technology needs of other agencies.


If You're Going to Set a Cyber Trap, Don't Do This

The Energy Department's IG found many problems with a planned "gotcha" exercise.


DHS Re-awards $1B Cyber Contract to Protect Government Networks

After a series of bid protests and dismissals, Raytheon will support DHS' governmentwide cybersecurity program.

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WannaCry Gives HHS’ Cyber Threat Center a Real-World Test

Agency opted to respond to a cyberattack like it would a natural disaster.


Report: Mar-a-Lago and Other Trump Properties Have Lax Cybersecurity

Some Trump properties' cyber practices don't measure up, according to a team of reporters.

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HHS’ Cyber Threat Center Comes Out of Beta Soon

The center will share threat information for small doctors offices to the largest pharmaceutical companies, and health care organizations in between.

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Drones Flying By Airports Coming Soon(ish)

Current FAA regulations prohibit drones from flying within 5 miles of an airport without notifying air traffic control.


Secret Service Confirms Agency Laptop Stolen

The agency declined to comment more on the ongoing investigation.


2 Russian Spies Charged in Yahoo Breach of 500M Accounts

Russian journalists, U.S. and Russian government officials, a Russian cybersecurity firm’s employees, and other private-sector employees were targeted.

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White House Selects Deputy CTO From Peter Thiel’s Rolodex

Choosing someone with a background in venture capital breaks from the technology company and long-time government executives the Obama administration preferred since creating a CTO role in 2009.

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Mattis Wants Pentagon's New Acquisition Roles Defined

The defense secretary is focused on cost effectiveness and efficiency throughout the department.

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Lawmakers Want Social Media Vetted for All Visa Applicants and Ask More Mar-a-Lago Questions

This week, legislators addressed issues related to visas, Mar-a-Lago, cellphone privacy and more.


Government Contractor Accused of Stealing NSA Cyber Secrets

Harold Thomas Martin III worked for at least seven private contractors since 1993, placing him in several defense and intelligence agencies that require security clearances.

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Video: DARPA Tests Drone-Catching Prototype

The defense research arm is developing a way to catch unmanned aerial vehicles midflight.