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Eric Katz

Senior Correspondent

Eric Katz writes about federal agency operations and management. His deep coverage of Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Postal Service has earned him frequent guest spots on national radio and television news programs. Eric joined Government Executive in the summer of 2012 and previously worked for The Financial Times. He is a graduate of The George Washington University.

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Conservatives are closing the gap with liberals in social media

October 22, 2012 Young people and partisans use social media more than anyone else. Not exactly breaking news. What is perhaps more surprising in a new Pew survey is that conservatives are closing the gap with liberals in social media usage, as compared to 2008. Left-leaning Tweeters and Facebook users, however, are still...

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Postal union claims USPS solvency within reach

October 22, 2012 A union representing U.S. Postal Service workers has said the agency’s financial difficulties are “manageable” and Congress is the only thing standing in the way of solvency. The National Association of Letter Carriers was responding to news that USPS recently hit its $15 billion borrowing limit. The union said the...

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Federal pay losing ground compared to private sector, report finds

October 19, 2012 The pay gap between government employees and private-sector workers grew by about 8 percent this year in favor of private-sector workers, the Federal Salary Council announced Friday. FSC, which assesses the locality pay program annually, concluded federal employees earn 34.6 percent less pay on average than their private sector counterparts....

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Postal Service overfunding pensions, report says

October 17, 2012 The U.S. Postal Service is overpaying into its Federal Employees Retirement System because its employees’ circumstances differ from that of typical federal workers, according to a new report. The audit, conducted by an actuarial firm contracted by the USPS inspector general, found that while the Office of Personnel Management assumed...

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Senate candidate pledges reforms to federal procurement process

October 17, 2012 Republican George Allen, the former Virginia governor locked in a contentious battle to reclaim his old Senate seat, addressed a roundtable of defense contractor executives Tuesday to propose reforms to the federal procurement process. Allen, who is running against former Democratic governor Tim Kaine, suggested sweeping changes, ranging from shortening...

GAO denies CWT protest of governmentwide e-travel contract

October 15, 2012 The Government Accountability Office has rejected a contractor’s accusations of prejudice when the General Services Administration chose a competitor for a $1.3 billion contract to institute a new digital program for government travel. CWTSatoTravel, or CWT, launched a formal protest with GAO, claiming GSA used unfair evaluations and conducted misleading...

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Pentagon recruits students, military spouses to watch children

October 12, 2012 The Defense Department will soon reopen the application process for students, recent graduates and military spouses seeking to gain experience in child care and youth programs, the Pentagon has announced. The Military Extension Internship Program, launched in 2010, offers 10-week to six-month positions taking care of children on military installations...

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Report: Improve treatment of disabled employees in federal workforce

October 12, 2012 The federal government is hiring more disabled workers and reducing the number of disability discrimination complaints overall, but it is still struggling to adequately meet the needs of disabled employees, a new study has found. Tully Rinckey PLLC, a law firm that provides services to federal employees, found in its...

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Army prepares for workforce cuts, but not sequestration specifically

October 10, 2012 Army Undersecretary Joseph Westphal said Wednesday the service is not planning any contingencies for sequestration and warned the cuts would threaten the Army’s stability. Speaking at an event the Government Executive Media Group hosted, Westphal said any systematic planning for sequestration -- automatic, governmentwide across-the-board cuts set to go into...

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Planning to Fight Insect Space Aliens

October 10, 2012 The United States is still fighting in Afghanistan and keeping a close eye on developments in Syria and Iran. But the Army may have a longer-term concern: fighting insect space aliens. Undersecretary of the Army Joseph Westphal, speaking at a Government Executive leadership briefing in Washington Wednesday, said military leaders...