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Eric Katz

Senior Correspondent

Eric Katz writes about federal agency operations and management. His deep coverage of Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Postal Service has earned him frequent guest spots on national radio and television news programs. Eric joined Government Executive in the summer of 2012 and previously worked for The Financial Times. He is a graduate of The George Washington University.

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Feds still responding to Sandy as next storm hits

November 7, 2012 This story has been updated. The federal government continued to boost its support this week to areas devastated by Superstorm Sandy, even as it braced for another storm on Wednesday. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has provided more than $250 million in assistance to 277,000 individuals for housing and other...

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GOP lawmakers say ‘thousands’ of military votes will not be counted

November 6, 2012 Several Republican lawmakers have voiced concern about the system members of the military use to vote, claiming the slow mail process will cause thousands of ballots to not be counted. Sens. John Cornyn, R-Texas, Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., John McCain, R-Ariz., Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and Marco Rubio, R-Fla., sent a letter...

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More than 100 former lawmakers receiving six-figure pensions

November 5, 2012 One in six federal lawmakers currently earns at least $100,000 annually from pensions, according to Freedom of Information Act data received by Federal Times. The average annual pension -- from data collected during three decades -- for former congressmen and senators is much lower, coming in at $49,412. Two retired...

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USPS in ‘emergency’ mode to deliver ballots from states hit by Sandy

November 2, 2012 The U.S. Postal Service is invoking “emergency operation plans” to ensure every absentee ballot is delivered on time for the election Tuesday, a spokeswoman has confirmed. “We regularly deliver mail in adverse conditions and, therefore, where it’s safe to do so, USPS will continue to deliver the mail in areas...

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Postal Service debuts self-service kiosks

November 2, 2012 The Postal Service is adding new self-service kiosks as part of an ongoing effort to grow business and increase revenues, the agency has announced. The kiosks will have improved screens and include a self-scanning feature, designed to ease the process for customers waiting in line. USPS will employ lobby assistants...

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Around Government

November 1, 2012 Dishin’ Out Soft Power State Department chef serves up meals as part of the United States’ new culinary diplomatic corps. Jason Larkin commands the kitchen of diplomacy. As the chef for the State Department, he’s in charge of preparing culinary concoctions for the many visiting diplomats and heads of state...

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Regional officials recommend NJ and some NYC federal offices remain closed Thursday

October 31, 2012 Federal employee groups along the East Coast are working with regional agency offices, as well as state and local governments, to coordinate efforts to get federal employees back to work. “I always like to say we try to have up-to-date, accurate and consistent information so agency leaders can make informed...

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Sandy response brings bipartisan support for government

October 31, 2012 The role of federal government has always been a source of contention among politicians and this year’s upcoming election may have only amplified the discord. Republicans largely have been critical of government’s role. During the first presidential debate, GOP nominee Mitt Romney derided Obama’s approach as “trickle-down government.” Romney also...

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Government lacks coherent policy for religious time off, report finds

October 30, 2012 The federal government should provide more specific regulations dictating policies regarding compensatory time for religious observances, a government oversight agency has said. The Government Accountability Office found that federal agencies have conflicting policies toward time off for religious observances and it called on the Office of Personnel Management to create...

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FEMA has enough funding -- for now

October 29, 2012 The Federal Emergency Management Agency will have sufficient funds for the immediate response to Hurricane Sandy, the agency director said in a conference call Monday, but may need additional resources for long term repairs related to the storm. The potential cash shortfall could be exacerbated by automatic budget cuts as...