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Dana Grinshpan

Research Manager

Dana Grinshpan is the Research Manager for the Government Business Council (GBC), the research division of Government Executive, where she specializes in primary research development and survey instrument creation. Prior to joining GBC, she worked for the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), assisting in the research and writing of work on South Asian regional cooperation. She has a Master of Arts in international security and political economics from the University of Chicago and graduated magna cum laude from Ohio State University where she holds a B.A. in international studies with a minor in Arabic.

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Rising to the Top

April 1, 2013 When it comes to women’s achievements, few compare to their rise in government. In President Obama’s first term Cabinet, five women were selected to provide the president key insight into running government. Although the path to gender parity in government leadership positions is slow, women continue to make strides. In ...

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Government Employees Get No Respect?

March 28, 2013 In the midst of the largest study Government Executive has ever conducted, on the subject of federal employee engagement, some interesting findings have been emerging. More than 21,000 federal employees have responded so far. Here's what they've told us: About half say they receive the recognition they deserve for a ...

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3 Ways Agency Leadership Can Keep Employees Engaged

March 21, 2013 Describing engagement is no easy feat. The easiest way to explain employee engagement is by describing what it is not. Employee engagement is not job satisfaction, nor does it necessarily mean an employee is happy. Engagement is the emotional connection an employee has with his/her organization or, more specifically, mission. ...

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Amidst Drawdowns in Iraq and Afghanistan, Army Responds With EAGLE

February 20, 2013 The Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise program is the latest defense vehicle designed to procure a suite of logistics tools and services for today’s warfighter. EAGLE (not to be confused with the Homeland Security Department’s EAGLE procurement contract) leverages a unique contracting framework to help customers procure virtually any logistic ...

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Federal and Defense Leaders Align Closely on Priorities, Survey Says

February 14, 2013 The Government Business Council (GBC) recently surveyed Government Executive’s readers to find out the biggest trends in the federal and defense communities in the coming year. Our survey instrument yielded over 2,300 responses from federal and defense leaders, ranging from GS-11 to the Senior Executive Service. This survey is providing ...

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The 5 Things Successful Women in Government Do

February 4, 2013 When it comes to women’s achievements, few compare to the rising roles of women in government. In Obama’s first term cabinet, five women were tasked with providing the president key insight into running government. Although the path to gender parity in government leadership positions is slow, women continue to make ...

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On Schoolhouse Rock’s 40th Anniversary, A Canadian Reflects

January 15, 2013 I was born in Toronto, Canada and raised in an Israeli household where Hebrew was spoken and international events were discussed almost exclusively. When I moved to Ohio in the early 90s, I was definitely a fish out of water (or perhaps syrup out of its jar?). Despite my voracious ...

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Are Government Workers Learning Anything?

December 11, 2012 The impending perfect storm of federal retirements, hiring freezes, and sequestration is giving government executives a lot to manage. No other position in the federal government is poised so perfectly to take on these challenges as the chief learning officers (CLO) within each agency. “We are at an inflection point ...

If you want to solve the IT skills gap, fix the gender gap

November 28, 2012 In October, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta gave a speech at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum in New York where he stated “cyberspace is the new frontier.” Ears really perked when he said that cyber actors have already infiltrated America’s critical infrastructure, including the computers that operate chemical plants, the ...

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Second Terms are for Second Chances

November 27, 2012 Subscribe: > Newsletter > Facebook > LinkedIn Presidential second terms are for second chances. They provide the least awkward chance for presidents to redirect their mission, update their goals, and rearrange key advisors and positions. Second terms also solidify agendas and the way forward, giving Congress assurances about where the ...