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Apple and Twitter might be getting into bed together

July 30, 2012 Apple and Twitter have a great relationship. Their relationship is so great, in fact, that Apple executives have spoken with Twitter about making an investment somewhere in the hundreds of millions of dollars range. The New York Times' Nick Bilton and Evelyn M Rusli report the two companies have had...

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Obama and Romney's dueling Olympic strategies

July 25, 2012 We are days away from the Olympics, and we'll be seeing a lot of at least one presidential candidate's face while we watch the pole vault. The other's getting in his time with the public before the opening ceremony starts. Read more on The Atlantic Wire.

Al Franken doesn't like Facebook's facial recognition software

July 19, 2012 Everyone gets freaked about technology sometimes, screaming "Skynet is coming! Skynet is coming!" even though we know that's not true. Facial recognition software freaks people out ("The machines can recognize us!" they say), and today Facebook sparred with congress over their new software. Al Franken got all up in Facebook's...

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Is Condoleezza Rice really Mitt's veep choice?

July 13, 2012 Matt Drudge is reporting Mitt Romney's campaign has narrowed its choices for vice president down to a carefully vetted handful, and that the front runner is none other than former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Drudge reports a VP announcement will happen in the "coming weeks." If it's true Rice...

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Panetta promises nothing important was leaked for the Bin Laden movie

June 14, 2012 Leon Panetta had to tell the Senate Appropriations Committee the writer and director of Zero Dark Thirty, one of the killing Bin Laden movies, weren't given any classified information while researching the film. A Freedom of Information lawsuit from Judicial Watch revealed that director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal...

Justice Department investigating cable companies' fear of streaming video

June 13, 2012 The Wall Street Journal reports the Justice Department is investigating whether cable companies have been unfairly working to regulate Internet consumption to prevent people switching from cable to online video. The investigation apparently centers around, "issues such as setting data caps, limits to the amount of data a subscriber can...

Rogue Google engineer tried to steal your information

April 30, 2012 A "rogue engineer" was responsible for writing the code that made Google's Street View cars collect personal information over unprotected wireless networks, according to a new report. Google released a "heavily-redacted" version of the report of the FCC's investigation into whether or not the company broke privacy laws while collecting...