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Charles S. Clark

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Charlie Clark joined Government Executive in the fall of 2009. He has been on staff at The Washington Post, Congressional Quarterly, National Journal, Time-Life Books, Tax Analysts, the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, and the National Center on Education and the Economy. He has written or edited online news, daily news stories, long features, wire copy, magazines, books and organizational media strategies.

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House Republicans Make Duplicative Efforts to Curb Redundant Programs

February 7, 2013 While President Obama waits for Congress to restore presidential authority to reorganize departments, some House Republicans focused on deficit reduction are readying their own bills to reduce duplication in agencies and programs. Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas, on Tuesday, introduced a still-untitled bill (H.R. 504) designed to save the government $10 ...

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Senators Blame Congress More Than Agencies for Duplication, Waste

February 7, 2013 Key reasons for wasteful duplication of federal programs include a lack of knowledge among lawmakers and their tendency to think parochially and short-term, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., said Wednesday. “We have a great federal workforce, but the problem is that members of Congress, while well intentioned, lack oversight and knowledge ...

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Controller outlines strategy to simplify government

February 6, 2013 The chief impediments to streamlining federal functions are “parochial stakeholder interests” and a lack of urgency among managers implementing laws and programs, U.S. Controller Danny Werfel told a business group on Wednesday. The solutions include relying more on independent commissions in deciding how to “rightsize and reshape” government as well ...

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Government is wasteful enough that sequestration is acceptable, witnesses say

February 5, 2013 A House hearing exploring ways to curb waste and duplication in government on Tuesday showcased an apparent consensus that there may be little harm in allowing the roughly 8 percent across-the-board agency spending cuts scheduled to kick in March 1 to actually take effect. Four expert witnesses from nonprofits speaking ...

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Four Ways to Cut the Pentagon's Budget

February 5, 2013 Michele Flournoy, who until recently was considered a candidate for Defense secretary, published an op-ed in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal, giving her take on how to responsibly trim the Pentagon’s budget to protect national security while aiding in deficit reduction. Flournoy, who was Defense undersecretary from 2009 to 2012 before ...

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Va. senator to House: Don't be resigned to the sequester

February 5, 2013 Freshman Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., on Monday told an audience of defense contractors that he plans to push a new batch of planned budget cuts and postpone for six weeks the across-the-board cuts slated to kick in March 1 under sequestration. “It troubles me when I read about people who ...

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IRS stands by ID’s for tax preparers amid challenge to its authority

February 4, 2013 The Internal Revenue Service will continue requiring tax preparers to obtain a tax identification number, the agency announced Monday, days after the most recent ruling in a case challenging its authority to regulate preparers. Monday’s action permits IRS to continue, as tax filing season revs up, to use some 700,000 ...

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Simplified rules proposed for agencies doling out $600 billion in federal grants

February 4, 2013 To hold agencies more accountable for reducing paperwork and reducing improper payments, the Office of Management and Budget proposed consolidating federal guidance for administering some $600 billion in annual grants and financial assistance payments. The proposed rule “is intended to both increase the efficiency and effectiveness of grant programs by ...

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Whither the McLaughlin Group?

February 1, 2013 Perhaps you’ve noticed that the 31-year-old weekend shoutfest known as The McLaughlin Group has lately made itself scarce during the heavyweight Sunday morning talk-show line-up. Well, true fans need to roll out of bed earlier. After decades of prominence on Saturday nights and, more recently, Sundays at noon, “the Group” ...

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Overlap found in most radio programs from Broadcasting Board of Governors

February 1, 2013 This story was updated to add comment from the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Foreign language radio and television programming supervised by the Broadcasting Board of Governors contains wasteful overlap and duplication, auditors found. The Government Accountability Office found nearly two-thirds of the U.S.-funded overseas broadcasts overlap with another BBG service ...