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Charles S. Clark

Senior Correspondent

Charles S. Clark joined Government Executive in the fall of 2009. He has been on staff at The Washington Post, Congressional Quarterly, National Journal, Time-Life Books, Tax Analysts, the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, and the National Center on Education and the Economy. He has written or edited online news, daily news stories, long features, wire copy, magazines, books and organizational media strategies.

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House Republicans continue demanding Obama disaster-spending plan

September 6, 2011 Congress returned on Tuesday to take up emergency disaster-relief spending, a day after Office of Management and Budget Director Jack Lew released an estimate of new federal money needed to respond to damage from Hurricane Irene. Lew's figure of $1.5 billion, which would come on top of the $5.2 billion...

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OMB sends Congress preliminary budget number for disaster relief

September 2, 2011 In a first step in what is becoming a politically charged battle over federal disaster spending, Obama administration budget director Jack Lew on Thursday sent Congress an estimate -- required under the 2011 Budget Control Act -- of what will be needed for disaster relief spending in fiscal 2012: an...

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Grumblings persist over demise of Statistical Abstract

September 2, 2011 Late this month, the 131st edition of the Statistical Abstract of the United States is scheduled for release. It will be the final installment of the paper edition of the fact-packed government annual, a planned casualty of the current budget austerity that stands only a slight chance, sources say, of...

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Wartime commission report on waste prompts opposing reactions

September 1, 2011 This week's report by a commission charging that contracting operations wasted as much as $60 billion in Iraq and Afghanistan was applauded by many as a prod to new reforms. But at least one contractors' group attacked the work of the congressionally chartered panel as unfair. The Professional Services Council...

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IRS allowed $4.2 billion in credits to undocumented workers, audit says

September 1, 2011 Undocumented workers received refundable tax credits totaling $4.2 billion in 2010, a dramatic rise from less than $1 billion in 2005, said a report released Thursday by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. The Internal Revenue Service, however, said it lacks the authority to disallow claims for the credit...

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Caught Off Guard

September 1, 2011 FPS is slow in applying technology to protect government buildings. The Federal Protective Service has made visible but limited progress in improving its risk management program-which addresses threats to agency buildings-and in the transfer of its programs to new authorities within the Homeland Security Department. At least that's the view...

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Ten Years After

September 1, 2011 On the anniversary of our gravest terrorist attack, federal agencies take stock of the quest to keep America safe Soon after assuming office in January 2009, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano wanted to send an agencywide email. She got some bad news from tech support: The department, then in its...

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Pentagon Suffering From Civilian 'Bloat'?

August 31, 2011 The Defense Department's civilian workforce, which currently numbers around 750,000, is an example of the "bureaucratic bloat" the government has undergone in defense and intelligence since the 9/11 attacks, former Navy Secretary John Lehman said on Wednesday at a panel discussion by former members of the 9/11 Commission. When the...

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9/11 Commission alumni blast failure to enact ‘no-brainers’

August 31, 2011 Ten years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the government still has not assured communications interoperability among first responders, or determined whether police or firefighters are the default authorities during a sudden disaster, according to reunited members of the 9/11 Commission who spoke on a panel Wednesday. "These ideas were no-brainers...

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FEMA and the Federal Family

August 30, 2011 Perhaps just a coincidence, but the Federal Emergency Management Agency picked the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's landfall -- perhaps the low point in FEMA's controversial history -- to publish on Monday an impressive time line of actions by the entire "federal family" in response to Hurricane Irene. A bonanza...