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Brittany Ballenstedt writes Nextgov's Wired Workplace blog, which delves into the issues facing employees who work in the federal information technology sector. Before joining Nextgov, Brittany covered federal pay and benefits issues as a staff correspondent for Government Executive and served as an associate editor for National Journal's Technology Daily. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Mansfield University and originally hails from Pennsylvania. She currently lives near Travis Air Force Base, Calif., where her husband is stationed.

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Lawmakers urge Pentagon to weigh alternatives to furloughs

December 13, 2007 The House majority leader said Wednesday that the Defense Department does not need to furlough federal employees in the midst of a budget showdown between Congress and the White House. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., announced a host of military budgeting options that would delay the need for furloughs at Defense until ...

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Intelligence agencies to launch common performance appraisal system

December 11, 2007 The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has launched a new directive that will establish a common performance management system across the 16 intelligence agencies, the office's top personnel official said Tuesday. Intelligence agencies have until Oct. 1, 2008, to implement the system, which will rate all civilian employees ...

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Conferees move to scale back Pentagon personnel changes

December 7, 2007 House and Senate conferees on Thursday passed authorizing legislation that would restore the collective bargaining and appeal rights of employees under the Defense Department's new personnel system. The final version of the fiscal 2008 Defense authorization bill, which went to conference committee in October, includes language that would restore collective ...

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Bush gives feds extra Christmas holiday

December 6, 2007 President Bush on Thursday ordered executive branch agencies to close on Monday, Dec. 24, giving most federal employees a four-day Christmas weekend. Agency heads still have the authority to order some essential employees to their posts on the day after Christmas, according to Bush's executive order. Historically, presidents have granted ...

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Defense recognizes contributions of disabled employees

December 5, 2007 The Defense Department recognized 16 disabled employees Tuesday at an awards ceremony held to celebrate the contributions of disabled workers in federal service. "I'd like to take the chance to describe to you what I think of the word hero," said Army Maj. Daniel Gade, the ceremony's keynote speaker. "Those ...

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TSP equity funds post losses for November

December 3, 2007 The most reliable funds in the Thrift Savings Plan made minimal gains for November, while all other funds lost ground. Fixed-income bonds represented in the 401(k)-style federal employee retirement plan's F Fund posted the greatest gains last month out of the five basic investment options, rising 1.88 percent. The fund's ...

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Technology Rush

December 1, 2007 Just because it blows you away on screen doesn't mean it will help attract, hire and train the employees your agency needs. As technology transforms how people interact, network and learn, human resources directors, continuing education experts and workforce planners must sift through a torrent of new tools and applications ...

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Running the Light

December 1, 2007 The Bush administration has used its traffic-light system to rate agency management since 2001. Now we evaluate the president's progress. "Government likes to begin things-to declare grand new programs and causes. But good beginnings are not the measure of success. What matters in the end is completion. Performance. Results. Not ...

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Davis urges IRS to clarify tax benefit for retired safety officers

November 30, 2007 A House lawmaker is pushing the Internal Revenue Service to clarify a provision of federal law that affects federal, state and local retirees who served in public safety roles. In a letter to IRS acting Commissioner Linda Stiff, Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., asked the agency to clarify the definition of ...

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Limited Trading

November 29, 2007 Officials overseeing the Thrift Savings Plan announced last week that they would begin placing restrictions on the number of interfund transfers that participants can conduct each month. And while they tout the restrictions as in the best interest of the plan, many participants do not seem to be warming to ...