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Might Mica Fights Back

November 6, 1996 lorida's Seminole and southern Volusia Counties became the unlikely backdrop for an inside-the-Beltway-style battle between a GOP Congressman who has sought to slash the federal bureaucracy and its budget over the past two years and federal employees' unions who have fought him every step of the way. On election night,...

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Decision Time

November 5, 1996 s the first returns of the night started to trickle in (A little before 7:00 EST Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky won the distinction of being the first to have his reelection announced on the basis of exit polls) President Clinton appeared headed toward victory. The final PoliticsNow poll...

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A Reinvented Web Site

October 3, 1996 At noon on Sept. 20, when Vice President Gore announced the release of his latest report on reinventing government, The Best Kept Secrets in Government, the report instantly became available online on the National Performance Review Web site. That coordination of effort signifies some big improvements to the reorganized and...

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Rogue Webmasters

October 1, 1996 What does RIF really stand for? According to Keith Cowing's NASA RIF Watch Web site, the answer is "Resistance Is Futile." On the site, Cowing cut and pasted NASA Administrator Dan Goldin's face onto the body of a "Borg," the race of villains from television's "Star Trek: The Next Generation"...

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Making Performance Count

October 1, 1996 ash bonuses for top performers, new hiring rules and flexible budgeting are only some of the innovations being adopted by the Defense Commissary Agency as it becomes one of the first federal agencies to reorganize as a performance based organization (PBO) under the National Performance Review's strategy to improve government...

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Phantom Management Cuts

August 28, 1996 xecutive agencies have met congressional downsizing requirements but have failed to follow Clinton Administration guidelines to reduce the percentage of managers in government, the General Accounting Office has reported. And where agencies did reduce management slots, in many cases they did so simply by reclassifying supervisors as non-supervisors. Nineteen of...