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Ashley Rodriguez


Westeros Is Under Attack (From Hackers, Not White Walkers)

While the war over the Iron Throne ramps up on "Game of Thrones," HBO is busy defending the Seven Kingdoms from online pirates.


If It Cracked Down on Password Sharing, Netflix Could Probably Make $400M More a Year

Twelve percent of adults who use streaming services like Netflix have used credentials from someone outside of their household at some point.


Our Cities Are Getting Smarter and You Probably Didn’t Even Notice

Many smart innovations are subtle and are already working in major U.S. cities.

CIO Briefing

LinkedIn’s Search Algorithm Apparently Favored Men Until This Week

Until Sep. 7, LinkedIn users searching for female contacts on the site may have noticed some strange results.

IT Modernization

Digital Spring-Cleaning TIps to Help Speed Up and Secure Your Devices

IT experts say it’s good practice to refresh your digital spaces at least once a year.

IT Modernization

Netflix Has Been Secretly Slowing Down Videos on Mobile

This may come as a shock, but your beloved Netflix is responsible for your slow streams on mobile, not your loathsome wireless carrier.

Emerging Tech

Microsoft's Chatbot Became a Racist Jerk After Less Than a Day on Twitter

Tay started out by asserting that “humans are super cool.” But the humans it encountered really weren’t so cool.

CIO Briefing

Tech Workers Increasingly Look to Leave Silicon Valley

Many are flocking to burgeoning tech hubs such as Austin and Seattle.

Emerging Tech

This Will be the Year of the Silicon Valley Super Bowl

Tech companies have weaved themselves into the Super Bowl experience, by enabling new state-of-the-art technology at Levi’s Stadium.

CIO Briefing

Researchers Have Established a Worrisome Link Between Social Media Use and Sleep

Among those who used social media more often, nearly 30 percent reported a high degree of difficulty sleeping.

Emerging Tech

Tech Companies Dominate List of Most Valuable Brands

Apple and Google top the list for the third year in a row.