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Going Out of Business

May 1, 1996 losing an agency is an executive's nightmare. Private sector executives presiding over massive downsizings have found themselves pictured on the cover of Newsweek magazine as "Corporate Killers." They've also become whipping boys for the likes of Republican presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan and Labor Secretary Robert Reich. Now the tide of...

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A Steep Mountain To Climb

April 1, 1996 n her 23 years at the Bureau of Land Management, Denise Meridith has risen through the ranks, even serving as the agency's deputy director before taking a position as director of BLM's operations in Arizona. Often when she advanced, she says, she hears the same thing: "You got the job...

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Easing Tensions By Anne Laurent

April 1, 1996 ere are the Merit Systems Protection Board's suggestions for closing the perception gap about race and gender in government and improving diversity. Agencies should analyze disparities in promotions, awards, discipline, hiring and other areas in their own workforces. Using surveys, focus groups and interviews, agencies should monitor employees' perceptions about...

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What Is Affirmative Action?

April 1, 1996 n 1969, President Nixon ordered agencies to set up programs to foster equal opportunity for minorities and women. Those programs require agencies to collect data about personnel actions to make sure they are fair and non-discriminatory. Agencies also must compare their workforces to the U.S. civilian labor force to discover...

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The Great Divide

April 1, 1996 ffirmative action is succeeding in government. The problem is, nobody's happy with the results. Women and minority men hold bigger percentages of white-collar jobs in government than in the workforce as a whole. The percentage of women in professional jobs last year was two and a half times what it...

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SBA: Take Our Funding, Please

March 1, 1996 avid Kohler spent five nights in a Washington hotel at his own expense to make sure the East Coast's blizzard of 1996 in January didn't prevent him from trimming the Small Business Administration's regulations in half. "I knew we had this very significant project to get the regs redone and...

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IRS: Cuts, Freezes, Furloughs and Delays

March 1, 1996 he IRS is struggling to get by on 9 percent less than the Administration sought for the agency in 1996, and 2 percent less than it got in 1995. What's more, appropriators snatched away the $405 million compliance initiative under which IRS had already hired more than 5,000 staffers. The...

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The Cutting Edge

March 1, 1996 he fiscal 1996 spending cycle has left many agencies wounded and bleeding by the side of the road. Like travelers caught and slowly chopped to fit the Greek villain Procrustes' iron bed, agencies have been set upon by Congress and cut bit by bit to fit Republicans' unyielding vision of...