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Aliya Sternstein

Senior Correspondent

Aliya Sternstein reports on cybersecurity and homeland security systems. She’s covered technology for more than a decade at such publications as National Journal's Technology Daily, Federal Computer Week and Forbes. Before joining Government Executive, Sternstein covered agriculture and derivatives trading for Congressional Quarterly. She’s been a guest commentator on C-SPAN, MSNBC, WAMU and Federal News Radio. Sternstein is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

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Tech firms wary of push for contracting reform

June 5, 2007 Information technology contractors are increasingly concerned about bills that seek to minimize the use of so-called cost-reimbursement contracts, which allow contractors to estimate total fees when expenses and requirements involve many unknowns. Lawmakers who are worried about contract abuse want agencies to adhere to standard fixed-price contracts. Language encouraging federal...

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Survey: Unauthorized teleworkers a security risk

June 4, 2007 Federal teleworkers are less of a security risk than many of their in-office colleagues who take home government work without authorization, according to a report released Monday by the public-private partnership Telework Exchange. An online poll of 258 federal employees including sanctioned teleworkers, non-teleworkers and non-teleworkers who unofficially work at...

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Rules lacking over access to executive branch info

May 31, 2007 No laws have been established to help Congress obtain internal information, including e-mails, from the executive branch -- and that may not be a bad thing according to some open government advocates and a recent Congressional Research Service report. But at least one member of Congress says there should be...

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Librarians use 'wiki' for updates on EPA consolidation

May 23, 2007 As lawmakers and the library community continue prodding the Environmental Protection Agency for details about its plans to consolidate the regional EPA library system, one organization has launched a collaborative "wiki" to let federal librarians anonymously air what they know about the changes. Since the 109th Congress, House Democratic leaders...

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Mandated 'smart cards' affect tech contractors

May 21, 2007 Under a new homeland security directive, all government workers must authenticate their identities with "smart cards" before performing simple tasks like faxing or scanning documents over e-mail. The move has forced major manufacturers of printers, scanners, facsimile machines, copiers and peripheral software to either accommodate smart-card readers or lose government...

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Agencies prepare for new telecom services

May 8, 2007 Verizon Communications anticipates that federal agencies will begin clamoring for the company's next-generation telecommunications services this fall, with commercial businesses following suit shortly thereafter. The company was one of three providers chosen by the General Services Administration in March to provide voice, Internet, wireless and satellite services to government locations...

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NASA employees object to data-gathering actions

May 7, 2007 Lawmakers are investigating accusations that federal agencies are violating civil liberties in enforcing a presidential security directive that requires workers and contractors to undergo background checks in order to enter government buildings and computer systems. On April 26, a bipartisan group of scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's...

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Probes highlight problems with agencies’ e-mail storage

May 3, 2007 The paucity of policies on maintaining government e-mail could make it hard for agencies to comply with the slew of recent demands from Capitol Hill for correspondence involving government officials. Right now, lawmakers are insisting that the Bush administration to release e-mails related to the firing of eight U.S. attorneys,...

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Senate gears up to debate FDA drug safety system

April 30, 2007 Drug safety legislation up for debate in the Senate Monday afternoon would require pharmaceutical companies and the Food and Drug Administration to pool public and private reports of adverse drug reactions into one FDA computer system. The proposal is part of a bill that would reauthorize and amend a program...

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Denmark, U.S. military on parallel paths to e-health

April 23, 2007 Denmark is on an aggressive path toward crafting an international e-health system while the U.S. military health system attempts a similar feat to support servicemen around the world. "We want international interoperability for NATO, defense and tourists" said Arne Kverneland, head of the health informatics department within Denmark's National Board...